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sam stokes
sam stokes Step into sophistication with Melton Classic—a realm where timeless elegance meets contemporary allure. From bespoke suits to exquisite accessories, each piece is a masterpiece of craftsmanship and
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Does Here set speed limits as they exist or how they want them to be?
Lyly Gm
Lyly Gm To address the issue with Here reviewers, you could try reaching out to their support team or community forums to explain your situation with evidence from the California Driver's Handbook and Vehicle
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15 MPH speed limit for alleys in California
Roy Aycock
Roy Aycock Dana, Just went back through records. They are rejecting all my edits also. I'm done with them. If they want to do it themselves from over 1000 miles away, then they can have at it. I am really pissed
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Map edits for closed road not reviewed 6 month later?
Kerry Kopp
Kerry Kopp After emailing many addresses I finally got a response that said: ---- Because this is still a road users can take, we would not want to remove it and keep it available on, alt
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Walmart Distribution Center 7030
Dana Archer
Dana Archer My pleasure. I usually don't edit outside of the areas I'm familiar with; but I saw your post and saw it as an easy fix. Though, I found it interesting that test-routing via seemed to
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Can't seem to get Here Map representatives to listen.
Dana Archer
Dana Archer Thanks. I approved a bunch of your edits in your area. Let's hope they stick.
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Toms map in his 2019 Mercedes Benz E 450, nav system is completely fragmented.
Andy G
Andy G Thomas, I think you should contact your dealer for a new map update, since its been 2 years for your car and the addresses are now live on the website.
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Alicia Smog Is at the wrong place on your map
Andy G
Andy G Can you use what3words so i could pinpoint the exact location, btw i dont work for here, im trying to fix their horrendus problems.
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HERE roads overlapping
Andy G
Andy G I emailed you now.
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Not being reviewed
Guillermo R
Guillermo R That email seems to be ignored... No reply at all.
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5000-5299 Westminster Place 63108 USA
David Stearns
David Stearns Daniel, This should be fixed now. If you find any more please keep reporting. We appreciated the feedback. Thanks, David Stearns
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Location correction
Leo Lee
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Why does someone frequently screw up geometry of roads after I edit them?
Dana Archer
Dana Archer More in the same area. I guess I'll leave it and see if someone cleans it up or they get rejected.
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Is This Platform Alive? Are Updates and Reviews Happening?
Aug Ram
Aug Ram Hello Alonso, thank you for sharing this email. I have reached out and hope my issue can be resolved through my communication with the team.
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Rug Cleaners Ft Lauderdale
Keith Hanley
Keith Hanley Always hire a local rug and carpet cleaner for cleaning purposes. They will give you the best service by reaching your home easily
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