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  • Daniel Landiss

    OEM map in 2017 Audi Allroad tries to navigate to enter this road from Union on the west or Kingshighway on the east, but says access from Lake on the south is closed. The opposite is true: Closed at Union on the west end, closed at Kingshighway on the east end, open at Lake in the south side only. Can we get this fixed? Thank you!

    David Stearns

    This was fixed

    Daniel Landiss

    Thank you, David. I will soon be loading the 2018-19 maps for my Audi, so I will be interested to see if the correction was made in time to be included in this version.

    I realize that it says this is not the place for map edits, I should use Map Creator, but the lack of feedback from there made me doubt that the information was even being read.

    EDIT: Alas, only half of the correction is displayed at “HERE WeGo.” IN ZIP 63108 Westminster is correctly shown closed at Union on the west end, but is still shown as open at Kingshighway on the east end.

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    David Stearns

    Please give me more details and will get this updated correctly. I think it has been corrected as described. Please advise if not and again sorry for the delay.

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    Daniel Landiss

    Thank you, David. Yes, it is shown correctly at [,-90.26852409227372,17,0,0,].

    David Stearns


    This should be fixed now. If you find any more please keep reporting. We appreciated the feedback.


    David Stearns

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