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  • Raymond Simon

    I have worked at this facility since it opened in 2006. Since that time, not a day has passed that a driver did not come in and state that the GPS (even brand new) make them get off exit 116 (interstate 81) and has them route through back roads to get to us. We are directly off exit 119. This has been happening for 13 years. I finally decided to do something about it. Could you please update the maps so there is less accidents( yes they have happened) and the huge loss of revenue that has been ongoing. If you are traveling south 81 and get off exit 119 our driveway entrance is located on the other side of the traffic light at the end of the exit ramp. Drivers just have to continue straight when the light turns green. If they are traveling North 81. They need to get off exit 119, turn left at the light at the end of the exit ramp, pass under 81, and turn left at the aforementioned light(for southbound drivers), to turn into our facility. Thanks for your consideration.

    Ray Simon
    DC 7030
    AP associate

    Dana Archer

    Ray: I’m a volunteer editor from Los Angeles. I’ve made some changes that may or may not be approved by HERE.

    I’ve added Highridge Park Rd and Highridge Rd to the name of the section of WalMart Dr closest to the building. I’ve also moved the address (390) to that section. Additionally, I have moved the Place points to the section of WalMart Dr where it splits for trucks going to the north loading docks. Also, I noticed that trucks are prohibited on Gordon Mountain Rd going west from Walmart Dr. so I have eliminated trucks from the Vehicular Traffic on that section.

    If I was you I would continue to monitor the edits I have made and make sure that they “stick.” You should check for several months to be certain because HERE is likely to make changes. You can see when they finally make it to the production map by checking at or using the HERE WeGo app.

    Best of luck.


    John Towson

    Hi Dana and Raymond, I accepted several edits in this area. Raymond, I am also a volunteer editor so this does not mean that Here has accepted the edits, it just means they may be more inclined to give their final approval.

    The one thing I didn’t approve was adding “Highridge Park Rd” and “Highridge Rd” as alternative names to Walmart Dr. since street signage says that the road is strictly Walmart Drive. I get what we’re trying to fix, though, so I moved the routing points for both the house number marker and place marker for the distribution center back to the interesction while keeping their display points at the building itself. My hope is that this will allow anyone typing in 390 Highridge Park Rd or “Walmart DC3070” to be directed to the intersection of exit 119 and Highridge Park Rd, and then directed down Walmart Drive.

    Raymond, as Dana mentioned it can take up to a year for edits to appear in a GPS after being submitted to Map Maker. The reason being it takes time for Here to officially approve the edit, put it in their map, distribute the map update to 3rd parties, and for the 3rd parties to then integrate the changes into their own maps. We’d be glad to help if you have any more questions or issues.

    Dana Archer

    John: Thanks for your help with the approval process. However, I think that by placing the address where you did, users exiting south on I-81 at Exit 119 are likely to get an instruction to turn west on Gordon Mountain Rd. then make a u-turn somewhere and go back to your address point. The same might apply to drivers approaching from the east. I’ve attached an example of such routing that I tested on

    What I would do is set the routing points for the Places and the address exactly on the intersection on the segment to the east of where you have it now.

    I know you understand the reason I put Highridge as an alternate name on Walmart Drive just to avoid such issues. This practice seems to be accepted by HERE in situations similar to this.


    John Towson

    Dana: Thanks for that recommendation and insight; I hadn’t thought to verify the way things mapped out like that before. I have corrected the routing points in question.

    Dana Archer

    Looks better, but I nudged it over to the west on that segment as far as I could, I also nudged the two Place points in question.

    Dana Archer

    John: I hope that by moving the routing points back to where you did doesn’t result in a left turn instruction at the intersection when coming off the ramp. I guess we’ll wait and find out.

    Raymond Simon

    Dana and John

    Thanks for all your help with this. I have became an editor also but since you have more experience I will let you both take the lead. The only change I made was restricted truck access to the branch of walmart drive that lead to the main parking lot. That lot was not designed to handle truck traffic. We have installed warning bollards and lighted signs to notify drivers that there is no access but it can’t hurt to add it to the GPS. Thanks for all your help and I will continue to monitor the changes and hopefully they will stick when the map updates go out. Thanks again for your hard work.

    Ray Simon

    Dana Archer

    My pleasure. I usually don’t edit outside of the areas I’m familiar with; but I saw your post and saw it as an easy fix. Though, I found it interesting that test-routing via seemed to route properly. I thought I might try to improve it anyway, to be certain. That said, it’s hard to deal with older HERE maps that are still in many drivers’ NAV systems that may or may not route properly.

    Anyway, it’s relatively easy to edit yourself, and it’s better that someone who lives and works in the areas affected do the edits themselves. Whether HERE approves it is another matter, however. HERE has a tendency to disapprove everything (and screw-up your edits) and you have to correct it over and over again until it finally makes it to a production map.

    So I am done with this area as John has taken the lead on this issue.


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