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  • Marco

    Hi Redditors and welcome to the Map Creator discussion board! Have a question about the tool? Looking for tips & tricks? This is the place for you – feel free to reply to this post and we will help you out.

    Once again, welcome, and enjoy mapping!

    HERE Map Creator Team

    Mike Hazelwood

    A major freeway in North Houston is not included in my Navigation system. The Grand Parkway 99 is a major freeway and is not included in the navigation system. I have a 2016 Ford 250 with latest Map version. When will the next update be distributed? This Parkway (99) has been open for a couple years.

    gHERE Map Creator

    It appears HERE has all open segments of Grand Parkway in the map (verified by checking on Map Creator). It may be worth contacting the dealership about when the next update will be available…

    Leandro Demari Rodrigues

    really ridiculous, try to get an updated map and none available, I cant beleive how a new car like pacifica does not have an up to date map. 99 is nonexistent, roads that changed names back in 2015 still also not updated and that is no way for you to update.

    Rory Hathale

    i need an updated photo of an area to create streets. how long does it take to upload a new image of area.(google has updated photo of are i speak of) kayenta arizona

    Rotimi Orims

    Trying to do the same thing with El Cerrito, CA

    Alex Bergstrom

    Hello, I work as a dispatcher for First Student America. We’ve been having issues with some incorrectly Speed Zoned streets in Seattle and was hoping we could get these fixed? This Map App(?) was listed by the provider for our GPS Services (Zonar) as being the place to go to get these fixed?

    If there is a webmaster or someone else available to discuss this issue with me, it’d be appreciated! I would like to understand the process’ involved in getting these changes made, ideally sooner rather then later (Todays date 11/7/18).

    Thank you for your Consideration

    Ray Sloan


    Mike Cary

    trying to put house number in correct place eon map – it says I have to “adopt a neighborhood first” – what does that mean? How?

    Andy G

    Please HERE, pay more attention to your maps. If you can’t keep your maps up to date, DON’T MAKE THEM. Companies like Ford are already going to Google Maps in 2023. Dont be ridiculous and leave your maps 10 years old. You still have 13 year old pois in my town that don’t exist and the pois that DO exist are incorrectly placed. I believe that you need to revise your entire map, revamp it, or just start with a clean slate.

    Roy Aycock

    I have put in subdivisions that have already been established over a year and still have not got them in the maps. It makes me want to give up on you for if you can’t do any better than that, you don’t need to be a mapping company especially when we the people are doing all the work for you. This is ridiculous. I refuse to do all the work in my state and nothing is put into the maps. Fix this or else.

    Sam Siemon

    Hi Marco,

    Can I edit my forum topic post? Or who can help with this?

    Thank you

    Lelush Brozovic

    Why can’t you check it yourself? By writing a post and seeing if you can change it?

    Nick Arizola

    I work for a taxi company in Milwaukee WI and we are finding all sorts of addresses pinned in the wrong location. I can suggest changes but the bad addresses still appear. How do I get the bad addresses removed?

    Ahmed Ali

    I’ve incorporated subdivisions that were established more than a year ago, yet they still haven’t appeared on the maps. This situation is disheartening, and it tempts me to lose faith in your capabilities. If you can’t improve this aspect, it raises questions about your suitability as a mapping company, particularly when the users are putting in significant effort. This is unacceptable. I won’t continue contributing to the mapping efforts in my state if there’s no progress. Address this issue promptly, or there will be consequences. Regards, Ehsaas8171.

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