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WELCOME Redditors!
Sam Siemon
Sam Siemon Hi Marco, Can I edit my forum topic post? Or who can help with this? Thank you
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Map edits for closed road not reviewed 6 month later?
Kerry Kopp
Kerry Kopp After emailing many addresses I finally got a response that said: ---- Because this is still a road users can take, we would not want to remove it and keep it available on, alt
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Rug Cleaners Ft Lauderdale
Keith Hanley
Keith Hanley Always hire a local rug and carpet cleaner for cleaning purposes. They will give you the best service by reaching your home easily
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new roundabout
Andy G
Andy G Looks fixed to me.
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Is This Platform Alive? Are Updates and Reviews Happening?
Aug Ram
Aug Ram Hello Alonso, thank you for sharing this email. I have reached out and hope my issue can be resolved through my communication with the team.
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Toms map in his 2019 Mercedes Benz E 450, nav system is completely fragmented.
Andy G
Andy G Thomas, I think you should contact your dealer for a new map update, since its been 2 years for your car and the addresses are now live on the website.
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Not being reviewed
Andy G
Andy G Alonso, you have not helped me resolve my problem. If you're a moderator, can't YOU be the one approving my edits? I'm very frustrated, and I'm considering deleting my account altogether and focusing
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Walmart Distribution Center 7030
Dana Archer
Dana Archer My pleasure. I usually don't edit outside of the areas I'm familiar with; but I saw your post and saw it as an easy fix. Though, I found it interesting that test-routing via seemed to
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Adding new street addresses especially for new developments
Andy G
Andy G I have multiple addreses that need to be approved from 1 year ago. Any idea why?
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How much time would the update take to PROD?
Alonso Victal Cano
Alonso Victal Cano Hello, Please send an email to
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Crosspointe Medical Clinic
willium jems
willium jems Thanks for sharing good information about health and medicines. At we provide the best medicines like cabergoline. Cabergoline is a dopamine receptor agonist. It works by decreasin
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LickSkillet Road in Boulder County
Andy G
Andy G I have changed the road to 4WD and that it has poor road quality. Now we wait for it to be approved...
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Push through edits
Andy G
Andy G looks to me like they haven't even been approved yet, they have to be approved so they could be integrated, right? OR, tell your devs to fix the indicator!
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Need to correct Tallahassee Florida street name
Alonso Victal Cano
Alonso Victal Cano Hi Barbara, Can you please send an email to Thanks
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Future Roundabout
Andy G
Andy G Dj's comment was 3 years ago, while yours (Douglas) was 2 years ago.
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