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Nouman Nasir
Nouman Nasir 8171 BISP Registrations: Important news for Pakistan’s poor and deserving customers. It announced by BISP that they will be able to register in the BISP pro
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Not being reviewed
Sam Smith
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Map edits for closed road not reviewed 6 month later?
Kerry Kopp
Kerry Kopp After emailing many addresses I finally got a response that said: ---- Because this is still a road users can take, we would not want to remove it and keep it available on, alt
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Rug Cleaners Ft Lauderdale
Keith Hanley
Keith Hanley Always hire a local rug and carpet cleaner for cleaning purposes. They will give you the best service by reaching your home easily
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How much time would the update take to PROD?
Alonso Victal Cano
Alonso Victal Cano Hello, Please send an email to
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Walmart Distribution Center 7030
Dana Archer
Dana Archer My pleasure. I usually don't edit outside of the areas I'm familiar with; but I saw your post and saw it as an easy fix. Though, I found it interesting that test-routing via seemed to
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Adding new street addresses especially for new developments
Andy G
Andy G I have multiple addreses that need to be approved from 1 year ago. Any idea why?
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Crosspointe Medical Clinic
willium jems
willium jems Thanks for sharing good information about health and medicines. At we provide the best medicines like cabergoline. Cabergoline is a dopamine receptor agonist. It works by decreasin
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can we get approval in this area plz?
Guillermo R
Guillermo R Oof, I am looking through the forums for any information on timelines. Comparing this to the Prod map and you can see this edit has not been approved in 9 months. The edit backlog must be disgusting.
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LickSkillet Road in Boulder County
Andy G
Andy G I have changed the road to 4WD and that it has poor road quality. Now we wait for it to be approved...
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Push through edits
Andy G
Andy G looks to me like they haven't even been approved yet, they have to be approved so they could be integrated, right? OR, tell your devs to fix the indicator!
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Location correction
Alonso Victal Cano
Alonso Victal Cano Hello, Please send an email to
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Future Roundabout
Andy G
Andy G Dj's comment was 3 years ago, while yours (Douglas) was 2 years ago.
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Missing roundabout
Cory Sanin
Cory Sanin Nice!
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Restricted Access Road Error in gated Sub called Solivita
Jason Payne
Jason Payne If an area is gated, then the roads within are restricted (local traffic only). This issue you're having sounds like an issue with the GPSr and not HERE maps.
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