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    Juan Jose Iglesias

    Hi Ali Hakami, in the current level of Map Creator, no one can add cities, towns, villages or hamlets; so the only way is to report those places as a “Map Problem” – Administrative – Missing City Name… As an example my Country has more than 24 Thousand Populated Centres and less than 2000 are actually in the Here Data Base, and from those many of them are just plain wrong.or miss-located. So I need to open a ticket for each one wrong and also for each one missing, and then await several weeks for someone in Here to “approve” if the city where you live is Right or Wrong written…. Liked or Not this is the “Brilliant” way that this “Map” is handled….

    Sam Siemon


    Can I edit my forum topic post? Or who can help with this?

    Thank you

    Kent Elam

    I have a 2020 vehicle with navigation maps through “Here”. The maps do not show an entire freeway that opened in 2018 in Phoenix, Arizona. So recently, I purchased the latest update SD card from here that’s dated Sept 2021. The freeway still isn’t shown on their maps! That was the only reason why I purchased the update. (I’m new to Phoenix and use my vehicle’s navigation system to get around.) Because this update is useless to me, I requested my money back. The response from “Here” is to give me a 20% credit. Credit for what? Another update that’s not up to date! Don’t waste your money updating your SD card from Here.

    Lisa Grimes

    I have changed a street name and four buildings along the street four times to no avail. It shows on my screen and no one elses. What am I doing wrong?

    City Shirt Rd, Frackville, PA 17931 is now Clearly Clean Way, Frackville, PA 17931.

    The following addresses need to reflect the new street name: 10, 11, 12, 14


    Peter Bommele

    Op welke manier kan ik aangeven in Map Creator dat een weg is permanent afgesloten en dat de spoorwegovergang op die weg niet meer bestaat?
    Haantje Delft

    Jens Jakobus van den Hout

    Hallo Peter,

    Wanneer een weg niet meer bestaat kun je deze, afhankelijk van de context, zelf verwijderen in Map Creator. Voor wat betreft de spoorwegovergang, vragen of elk ander probleem dat je tegenkomt en niet zelf op kunt lossen kun je ons een mailtje sturen naar en dan zullen wij ermee aan de slag gaan!

    Vriendelijke groeten,
    Jens van den Hout


    I have updated my location but its not showing publicly.

    Jens Jakobus van den Hout

    Hello JIE LUO

    I did a quick check and found that indeed your location in Jandakot was missing. I added the place including contact information and opening hours. Soon the place should be visible in WeGo.

    Kind regards,

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    Jay Bredbenner

    Does anyone have advice about how to get edits reviewed and approved faster?
    I submitted three house number edits on December 7, 2022. Since then, they have said they are “under review.” I imagine there are many edits to review, but it’s frustrating to wait this long to get a few simple corrections to be made.
    I initially reached out to because that was where I saw the mapping error. I was told to submit the change using the HERE Map Creator and it would be updated in 6 – 8 weeks. It has been almost 10 weeks, and they are still listed as being “under review.”
    It would be helpful if there was another category titled “Needs To Be Reviewed” or “Not Yet Reviewed.” I would like there to be more transparency and visibility of the actual process. I doubt the edits have actually been under review for 67 days.

    Rubina Sudais

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    Claire Barnes

    I am new to this forum/discussion. I recently installed the newest GPS Map and found an error. Anyone who might be traveling the backroads from Midlothian, Texas to Waxahachie may get lost. Turning off FM875 to Singleton, left on Baucum, staying on Baucum until you reach the stop sign at Baucum and Curtis Ray Rd. At this stop sign, turn left staying on Baucum. At the next stop sign, Angus/Campbell,. the GPS says to turn right on Hoyt. (Hoyt is a street about 1.5-2 miles East of Baucum and runs North and South connecting to FM1446 on the South and Cox Rd on the North). At this stop sign, you turn right to stay on Baucum, not Hoyt. The rest of the directions are accurate. For someone not familiar with the backroads here in Ellis County, you will likely be very lost if you don’t know that Hoyt is not where the GPS says it is.

    nicholas davidolsan

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    tile supplies edmonton

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