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Symbol for EV charging station
Jan (HERE Moderator)
Jan (HERE Moderator) Hi Tom and Martin, thank you, we will discuss this propoasal internally and see if we can change the icon.
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how to add company address in map creator
Kevin Hutchison
Kevin Hutchison Max, just enter Mapcreator, 1. search (top left) for your address 2. Switch on "places" top right under your sign on. 3. Select "add place" 4. place in position next to the street number, be sure to
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Does Support used changes from map editor users?
Aezion Inc
Aezion Inc Hi, I did my work location Aezion Inc map and how can Map it my exact location
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Jan HERE For closed road or longer construction work please submit a feedback via the "Report a map problem" function, right mouse click menu.
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Add Custom Points of Interest that show up in Here WeGo App
Kevin Hutchison
Kevin Hutchison I have the exact issue with our industry and have found that in a Garmin GPS I can set personal POIs. The real confusing issue is that the app on your phone may not use the Here POIs, in fact most app
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Map Creator Tools Not Working
Alf Diaz
Alf Diaz Thank you very much for reporting the error.
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Write custom POI's to SD card ?
Kevin Hutchison
Kevin Hutchison There are many of us interested in updating "Here" maps on our GPS devices due to their lack of providing regular updates. It appears the deal between Here and the GPS supplier precludes them from su
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Fixing up my LMM Duramax
William Hallas
William Hallas Before you make a purchase, though, I'd recommend checking out some forums or reviews from other Duramax owners. It's helpful to get different perspectives and ensure that the kit aligns with your spe
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How to Post?
Jan (HERE Moderator)
Jan (HERE Moderator) Map Creator Discussion Board for users   How to access the discussion board                                        
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gpx file
Gordon HERE Map Master (Ambassador)
Gordon HERE Map Master (Ambassador) it is not possible, you have to import the gpx file to Here, then manually draw the road, you cannot do any script or anything else, you can send the gpx file to Here staff who can add it to the datab
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Buick Update 2017
Derek Barthel
Derek Barthel testing
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Reporting Discussion Topics and Replies
Bernice Stalley
Bernice Stalley Hi John, I saw your report come through and thanks for sending, not sure why you received the error message. Sometimes it is unclear of the businesses owners intent for posting on the discussion board
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Towns don't appear on the map
Jan (HERE Moderator)
Jan (HERE Moderator) Hi John, we do have the official admin names for cities, towns or villages in our map. If they do not appear in your nav system, please contact Jeep customer service. In Map Cerator, you canno0t direc
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Am I using HERE maps?
Kevin Hutchison
Kevin Hutchison Yes Mick I remember time flies when you're having fun, no longer motor homing and a lot less wide load escort jobs, so I see a lot less things to change now. I am intrigued yu were able to update you
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Want To open community for Develop Here map In Bangladesh
Hasan Shahed
Hasan Shahed Dear Reddy, Thanks for your reply. We (Myself & Mahabub Munna) are working as Trusted Moderator at Google Maps. Our mapping accuracy is so high that Google provided street view in Bangladesh thr
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