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  • Matthew Frankfurt

    I am one of the directors and sit on the board for Hightrees House. We would like to have the post code updated so that it points to the front of the building.

    At the moment the Post Code points to the side of the building which is incorrect and it causes both security issues as well as delivery problems.The correct coordinates should be:

    51°27’11.4″N 0°09’07.1″W
    51.453153, -0.151971

    Please can you amend

    Many thanks

    Jan (HERE Moderator)

    Hi Matthew, could you please give us your full address (roadname, housenumber, postal code, city and country)?

    Matthew Frankfurt

    Hi Jan,

    thanks for the help. It’s a block of flats comprising of 129 flats.

    Addresses are:

    Flats A-F & Flats 1-50 [56 FLats]
    Hightrees House
    Nightingale Lane
    SW12 8AQ

    Flats 51-123 [73 Flats
    Hightrees House
    Nightingale Lane
    SW12 8AH

    Let me know if you need anything else


    Ben (HERE Moderator)

    Hi Matthew,

    The postocdes have now been updated in the HERE database.



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