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Road with boom or gate
daniel bryant
daniel bryant Yes, roads that are closed for traffic, such as private roads or roads into military areas, are often marked by a boom barrier or a gate. These physical barriers control access and indicate that entry
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How to mark road as temporary closed / under construction?
james ramsay
james ramsay Here maps do not allow adding closed roads due to the significant time delay between map data submission and its integration into GPS devices, which can take up to a year. Despite showing on Here Ma
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Does Support used changes from map editor users?
Zoya Shah
Zoya Shah Wondering if support uses changes from map editor users? Typically, user-submitted changes in map editors are reviewed and validated before implementation. This ensures accuracy and prevents errors. P
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How to get updated satellite image
Haseeb Ahmad
Haseeb Ahmad To get updated satellite images, you can use services like Google Earth or NASA Worldview. These platforms provide the latest satellite imagery for various locations.
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Wrongly reverted map edits
david Bice
david Bice I have been trying to correct the speed limit on a few sections of road i drive every day. I have made the corrections about 20 times and always about 2 days later my feed says the changes were integr
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How long for update?
rin rin
rin rin Verification from 4 weeks to 6 weeks is too long. In Vietnam, the speed limit is not up to 90% accurate. I have improved the speed limit in some places, but updating the application takes a long time.
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Am I using HERE maps?
rachel green
rachel green thanks for the info
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how long it will take for map undates for Laos?
miklas mâry
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How to show an image overlay on the map in an android app.
Guaumod io
Guaumod io If you love android apps, you should try this app:
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How long to accept edits?
e r
e r It is useless. Maps are a disaster, address pins are at incorrect places - my 40 ton truck was routed to a dead-end forest trail because the pin was placed at the back side of the warehouse. And that
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I just had 100s of map edits requests (with photo proof) reverted
brandon hong
brandon hong This article is really amazing i hope we will see again this type of article in future.
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Are these forums moderated at all?
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