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    I purchased two USB’s for my 2020 vehicles (through Ford/Alom) and after uploading the USB’s in my vehicles I find that the speed limit shows 30 MPH on smaller roads. The major roads appear to show correct speed. The original version of maps that were on my vehicles did show the correct road speed on all roads. I spent approx. $300 to upgrade these maps which resulted in going backwards regarding speed limits. Speed limit updates was one of the bullets in the origianal notification. If this can not be fixed, how could I get a refund and get the original maps (that showed the correct speed limits) reloaded in my vehicles? I have already made several contacts with Ford Customer Service as well as attempting to contact Alom, with no success from Alom and Ford gave me this site address to register my complaint. Thank You.

    Florence Gayhart


    I understand your frustration, and I’m sorry to hear about the speed limit issue you’re experiencing with the updated maps. Let’s explore some steps to address this:

    Map Creator:
    Edit map data using HERE Map Creator to improve accuracy.
    Correct road alignments and house locations.
    Verify map settings and compare with previous version.
    Contact Ford or Alom about speed limit issues.
    Refund and Alternatives:
    Inquire about a refund.
    Explore third-party navigation devices.
    Remember to document your communication. Safe travels!

    Best regards,
    Florence Gayhart

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