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  • Michael Seymour

    My 2022 Kia Sportage has a street error, and I don’t know where to report it.

    Furthermore, I don’t even know whose maps I am using.

    I live in AUSTRALIA


    Kevin Hutchison

    Benjamin, I do not really think telling the Council that the GPS in your car disagrees with a street would make much sense.

    Th first thing to do is identify the type of GPS and the map supplier, thn the date of it’s last update and I am sure a dealership can help with both of those.

    Then find out to get the GPS updated

    If the GPS has here maping then any corrections can be made using Mapcreator. Of course some time after the change has been accepted the in car unit will then need to be updated.

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    Kevin Hutchison

    Now you have established that Here mapping is being used, we can support you on how the get Mapcreator to reflect the real world you see.
    We do still need to establish how to reflect the changes in your cars device, as I would be surprised if it has online download capacity.

    Mick Graham

    Hi Kevin,
    You and I go back a long way (back to when I had my third party ALPINE satnav in my Toyota Corolla).

    It was you, who steered me on to this site
    when I got my Kia Sportage.

    And yes, I am using the latest map (by courtesy of the above link).

    Everything is running like a Swiss Watch with regard to downloading & installing Kia Maps from that site (I am now on my third map).

    I am very much a pedant, and was extremely irked, by not knowing precisely whose maps I was using (I needed to have DEFINITIVE proof — in writing!).
    But, all is good now…

    And it was I, who investigated the banking situation in Millaa Millaa for you, a couple of months ago.

    Kevin, I need to reset my HERE Mapcreator Account Login details (right back to a clean sheet (Password, Email — the lot!)). Logging-in, at the moment, is convoluted and tedious, and I need to have my login database wiped clean. Can you point me in the right direction, please?


    Kevin Hutchison

    Yes Mick I remember time flies when you’re having fun, no longer motor homing and a lot less wide load escort jobs, so I see a lot less things to change now.

    I am intrigued yu were able to update your mapping I still live with my Toyota Prius locked in to a 2016 map and switched off, using my trusty Garmin that I am more than familiar with.

    I think the whole mapping information feedback mechanism is chocked from a poor update process for standalone units, unsupported yet controlled by the vehicle manufacturers who though it would be a revenue stream.

    I just had a hip replacement, maybe I will get back into the wide loads soon rather than siting here making wooden toys.

    As for resetting your login details, up in the top right a drop down with “My Here Account” will let you set what you want or just simply deactivate your account and start from scratch.

    Kevin Hutchison

    I never cease to be amazed how people think mapping is a “once and it’s done” type of technology, let alone location information, even to the point of thinking speed camera locations can be tracked.

    Just to maintain the changes in road alignment, direction of travel, street names, street numbers, speed limits etc are by their very nature dynamic.

    To get the unit in your car to reflect up to date information requires constant updating. Even if it is on line, yet some think they can use the GPS supplied with their car accurately to speed.

    Try going to new suburbs or even private estates to find a friend.

    Great tool massive improvement on the old street directory but really not dynamic updaed enough for real time use.

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    Michael Seymour

    I agree, Kevin.
    As I always tell myself (and others): “There is no such thing, as an up-to-date map, anywhere on this planet!”
    They simply don’t exist…

    Daniel Steered

    It was you, who steered me on to this site

    rachel green

    thanks for the info

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