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  • Nathan Logistics

    I had 100s of map edit requests going back to the beginning of September. 99% of them were submitted with photos of addresses on houses, or photos of street signs, etc.

    It looks like they were all mass denied and “reverted” back to incorrect. I don’t understand the mission of this company if your users are submitting free data entry updates to better your product and you’re CONSTANTLY denying corrected GPS/address data without a dialogue. We’re literally making your product better.

    Does Here think their data is unassailable and they’re comfortable enough charging vendors 10s of thousands of dollars for yearly licenses on data that takes 4 months to be denied when your competitors can correct these submitted problems within 1-3 days?

    Your policies currently make my job harder as a delivery professional because I have to take an extra 30-60min of my time every day to manually correct your incorrect GPS pins in the mission critical applications I use that license your maps.

    I need someone with literally any decision making power over there at Here to contact me directly and help me work something out to let me correct mapping data in my delivery region because I can assure you, you are stonewalling me from making your product better and more attractive.


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