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  • Daniel Andersson

    How long is the general time to verify edits by the Here-team?
    The general feeling is that it takes way to long, up to several month.
    Sometimes to can take several month and then it gets reverted without any reason code.
    How can it take this long to accept edits?

    Edward Matthew

    Indeed, verification times can be quite lengthy, sometimes spanning months.

    Lamer Tonert

    The Here team’s edit verification time varies, but delays of several months are reported. Users express frustration over reversals without clear reasons.

    Improving communication and streamlining the review process would enhance user experience and address concerns about prolonged edit acceptance durations.

    smith raaj

    The verification time for edits by the Here team varies, but users have reported delays of several months. Some edits may be reverted without clear reasons. The extended duration is attributed to the internal review process.

    Erwin du Lions

    Would you guys say making changes is basically useless as a. Here takes forever to verify and b. Here reverts changes for no reason?

    e r

    It is useless. Maps are a disaster, address pins are at incorrect places – my 40 ton truck was routed to a dead-end forest trail because the pin was placed at the back side of the warehouse. And that was with unpaved roads set to be avoided I was routed to something that is not even a road.

    Edits are not accepted for years. A road in my neighbourhood was changed to one-way road 10 years ago, still showing as two-way on the map. An edit was submitted 1 year ago but nothing has changed since.

    This company is dead. I feel pity for all who paid for their maps or bought an expensive satnav, like I did.

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