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  • Çağan Kota

    Hi, what should I do when my map edits are reverted wrongly? I have evidences about my map edits.

    Lysii Arasa

    Perhaps the tool malfunctioned?

    Jan (HERE Moderator)

    Hi Cagan, thank you for your contributions. Some changes may not be accepted because they do not match our internal rules. Under your feed you will find a reason why they have been reverted.

    Terry Bates

    There are a lot of messed up edits within Here Maps at the minute. I haven’t had a reply to my email, so I’ve gone on strike. It seems that a time slice of roads were deleted then internal systems just corrupt any corections you make. I have down tools now for six weeks pending Here Maps get it systems together else it’s a waste of my time. Some of what was deleted was Here Maps own work and any corrections you make even to put their work back in gets deleted. The maps unravel like knitting !. Somebody needs to sort it out.

    Terry Bates

    Is there a way to point out to Here Maps when the forum is being spammed like currently above else I will un follow the thread rather than get bothered with spam. An email explaining what’s happened to the Here Maps system would be good since your #4 UK editor is on strike since your systems are not viable to use at the minute with edits unravelling. It isn’t the production database we annotate but it does mean all user activity to amend or add to details deleted isn’t taking place. So new housing development deleted, not added, remain deleted, any side builds don’t get put in and house numbering ends up on the closest road after the Here Maps screw up. E.g.. the wrong road. In other words, not good if you want user crowd sourcing.

    Mick Uzzell

    Why is it that when I try to update a road name as it wrong on map and me including evidence does it get reverted back?

    Terry Bates

    They use an automated system that isn’t too bright, my considered opinion. There are nutters that put fantasy roads on then it takes considerable effort to get them removed as the automated validation system reintroduces the edits you deleted. Unlinks what you have drawn, so you get a combination of the incorrect material, plus your corrected material. I had been told it’s because someone else is doing edits. Reality is as far as I can tell their automated system does a mashup of old and new material. Think the human validation team is then suppose to sort it out. It’s a design issue of the system. Been like it for a considerable time now.

    Terry Bates

    Also the Mapcreator mobile one I suspect you are using doesn’t give you all the map tools. After doing edits work your self along the bottom right horizonal tab on the web based screen. The first one “highlight missing connections” etc. That cross checks what you have done. Then some days later check again along that bar. When the automated system has screwed up your edits that will be highlighted. Re fix, you pick off segments and check as well…. and so it goes on until they fix this flaw in their processes.

    Terry Bates

    Well I reckon the best way of working with the faulty Mapcreator / Validation internal tool is to save the coordinate you are working on in the map and keep visiting daily until their automated systems stop messing with the edits.


    Edit map area name

    x,y can be picked off from the Mapcreator screen.

    After doing the edit and savings move across the bottom right bar to check issues and fix. “highlight missing connection” -> etc as per image.

    After this stage it appears their internal systems do some comparison which compares old with new and probably alters granularity of what you do with what it has stored which is why points change then goes off on one of automated intelligence to produce what looks like nonsense. (generally is)

    Day 2 check for nonsense, correct, run left to right to check using the tools provided. Correct, save.

    Day 3 repeat etc.

    Until the wobbly validation tools are sorted out this appears to be the only way of making progress unless you just give up. Guess a lot have.

    Janos Dezsi

    I was adjusting some really messed up situations. I often came across the the Map Creator was not really saving my changes. (Or these are maybe just getting reverted by someone?!)
    When I went back some days later, certain edits just were not saved.

    Once it finalized, do you know when these will be applied on the “live” map?

    Terry Bates

    There is an automated system that seems to make assumptions about missing links so will link where there is no link. E.g.. the road doesn’t go there. Problem is if someone gets it wrong / imaginative about where the road is (often happens with builders roads on estates which are not part of the final development but just lorry tracks) it is a devil of a job to get them taken out since the automated system puts them back in. I guess Here Maps staff are suppose to check the user edits and pass them as OK before the automated correction kicks back in.

    I generally let them know if J have had a big editing session and got it right before the automation starts again and your edits get messed up. I dont believe you are fighting other users on this but the automated correction mechanism that fails and Here Maps staff not applying the human eye to OK the edits. Once they have done that the silliness can stop. They can also lock parts of the map where repeat stupid edits go in. They have done that where I have pointed out that phantom roads keep appearing.

    The main thing is that on new estate development you source the estate plans often on developers sites then you can cross reference these with the aeriel images. Those people that only use aeriel images or other companies digital maps introduce garbage into the maps (eg builders roads). Fantasy mappers as I call them digitise farm tracks which are not public roads and are unsurfaced, making them surfaced also lead to chaos. Incorrect road speeds another issue in routing algorithms. Planning maps can be used to check for fantasy roads. Unfortunately Here Maps validation doesn’t look at developers maps or planning maps. The first are not not copyright if they are on sales sites for new housing. Planning maps may be where Here Maps doesn’t have the resources to buy them. A skilled eye on these dependent on knowledge of them can reveal which roads are surfaced, not surfaced, have traffic bollards making them pedestrian only etc. They can be a valuable resource in validation if used correctly.

    So yes I’d say it’s a failure of internal Here Maps processes to interject into their automated machine validation when you find yourself re-editing rubbish you had corrected already and it gets back in. That’s the development map you edit. The live mal you don’t see until it goes into production. Here we go app, is the preview / live map. Thats the one which will get published eventually if not corrected. Anything in that, that isn’t correct should be very troubling. Thats where I’ve seen the fantasy mappers getting fantasy roads across national parks that just aren’t there. They do that on military sites as well closed to the public. Unless you happen to have a tank and in the army and want to navigate across a live firing range, it’s not much good.

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