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  • Pawel Kielbratowski


    I have a situation where a building has postal address like StreetA 123, but it is accessible only via StreetB (by car and on foot). In fact the building is much closer to StreetB.

    When I try to change the routing point it also changes the address to StreetB 123.
    Should it be that way?
    Will I find the address by searching for StreetA 123, or by searching StreetB 123?
    If the routing point stays on StreetA, what route should the navigation take? Will it lead to routing point, or to closest place accessible by car?

    Best Regards

    Jan (HERE Moderator)

    Hi Pawel, this is a situation which is not solvable yet in Map Creator, Please do not change the routing point in that case as this will also change the address of the POI as you already noticed. Please submit a feedback via “Report other map problem” and describe the situation. Our internal editors will add the missing information.

    Pawel Kielbratowski

    Hi Jan,
    Thanks for the information.

    John Manning

    I finally found an existing forum post for this issue! Is there any update planned for this in Map Creator?

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