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  • VanDevice GPS

    How can I add custom POI’s that will show up on the app on my phone and if I make changes it automatically shows up on the app?

    Jan (HERE Moderator)

    Please have a look into our Interactive Help:
    You can crate a place/poi based on our place category catalog but not your own category.
    It depents on the product you use when it will be available. It can take between three weeks and 3 moth depending on the release cycle of the product., In car nav system updates may even need up to one year.

    VanDevice GPS

    So there is no way to create Private POI that is used by my own devices only? We will have over 1000 devices that we need POI that need to show up on navigation that are specific for us and our industry. Is there another way we can do this?

    VanDevice GPS

    What about putting a file on the device that HERE WeGo uses? is that a possibility?
    I have gone into map creator and added over 18,000 points which is what I need using your geospace. The map gets created but I can’t find a way for those to show on the devices.

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    Kevin Hutchison

    I have the exact issue with our industry and have found that in a Garmin GPS I can set personal POIs.
    The real confusing issue is that the app on your phone may not use the Here POIs, in fact most applications on phones that I have looked use Google Mapping and POIs.

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