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  • John Holden

    As reported by Jon D there is a bug in the interface in that selecting Roads or Places (other options seem ok) under My Feed brings up a list (or maybe not, read on) but then the screen goes blank and has tro be refreshed (Windows, F5). Sometimes this happens after hitting the down arrow to expand the entry sometimes it just happens.

    There is a further bug in that I am shown as not having edited any Roads. But I have and they have shown previously.

    And a further bug exists in that my list of Places edited is incomplete. trying to refresh / scroll down produces no additiionall results.

    While I’m listig bugs I show as having edited Places where I merely zoomed in.


    John Holden

    And today I have neither Places nor Roads. 🙁

    If Here want people to contribute then they’re going to have to provide an interface that works. And review them rather faster, most especially without dismissing easily checked corrections.


    Peter Wells

    Yes, I flagged the “showing as edited when only zoomed in” bug to MapCreator UK a while ago.
    More annoying (for me) is the fact that turn possibilities at a junction are not visible by default, we have to click on a VERY SMALL icon and as soon as I move to another stretch of rod I have to click again to see the restrictions/possibilities.
    I dob’t know who asked for these two developments but I suspect that it was not a user at our level!
    At least nobody has told me recently that the “map reflects reality” when I know that it does not, but hey, I’m one of the people who stand there LOOKING AT REALITY!

    John Holden

    I only started 6 weeks ago so I only recently stumbled upon the existence of turn restrictions. I don’t expect to be doing anything as sophisticated as that for a while. Sounds like it’s a “feature” I can look forward to running into!

    I assume that the Here interface has been around for a while so I’m amazed at how buggy it is. Things that work this week don’t work next week but they start working again the week after. I’m thinking of simple stuff like My Edits or whether you can expand them or not.

    I’m not really inclined to do any more at present as moderation seems to have stopped. I understand it’s mostly done from India so that’s understandable. Maybe someone is discovering that outsourcing has its downsides.


    Jan (HERE Moderator)

    The issue has been solved.

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