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  • Robert Gronan

    Can someone please explain the method of posting on HERE Map Creator Discussion board?

    Jim Siemons

    Theree’s two of us out here who would like this answered.

    I haven’t found a way, even after clicking on every button I could find including the buttons on my shirtand my belly button.

    A while I’m at it…. I just want to show a residential road that is blocked off with a permenant locked gate that is NOT open to traffic.

    Jan (HERE Moderator)

    Map Creator Discussion Board for users


    How to access the discussion board                                                                                                 

    (without creating a new post; to read the existing posts)

    In Map Creator click on the Link in the top bar

    Create a new Post

    In the Discussion Board

    In Map Creator: click into the map

    In Map Creator: in the edit panel of an object (road or Place)


    Reply to a topic

    Click on the “Reply” link and enter the text in the reply field

    Tick “Notify me of follow-up replies via email” if you want an email notification about new replies.

    To better explain your question or answer, you can upload images.

    Click on the “Upload Image button”

    Choose the image (multiple selection possible) in your folders

    Wait until the preview image is visible

    Click “Submit”

    You cannot upload images with an empty message body!


    Report a topic/reply

    Click on the “Report” link

    The topic/reply will be marked as reported


    Subscribe/Unsubscribe for a forum, sub forum or topic

    In the forum, sub forum or topic click on the Subscribe or Unsubscribe link

    If you subscribe for a Forum all sub forums and topics inside this forum are also subscribed.



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