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Buick Update 2017
Derek Barthel
Derek Barthel testing
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No charging stations any more in map creator
Stefan Frank
Stefan Frank Hello everyone, I'm sorry, but I can't do anything with your posts. I use the map-creator ( in the browser and I have already cleared the cache several times. I can't add
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Editing multiple “roads”
Department of Municipalities and Transport Abu Dhabi
Department of Municipalities and Transport Abu Dhabi Dear Jan, Is there a way to select all the segments of the same road by attribute say "road_name". The SHIFT+selection works but we loose all the selections if one wrong click is made. We have most of
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add OpenStreetMap as background layer
Andy G
Andy G I would also love to have this feature. Any eta?
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How to show an image overlay on the map in an android app.
Charleigh Dean
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Road types
Владимир Гальченко
Владимир Гальченко I mean another problem. Map creator does not have one road type in the edit panel. Highway is a pink road. Local access is a bright-yellow road. Residential is a white road. Pedestrian is a grey road
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Core and extended places
Mike Serikov
Mike Serikov Thanks, I got it. But where can I find assessment points for this verification? What do I need to become 'core' located?
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North East Scotland A90 Aberdeen Bypass AWPR
Pavaoi77 na
Pavaoi77 na
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how to add company address in map creator
Kevin Hutchison
Kevin Hutchison Max, just enter Mapcreator, 1. search (top left) for your address 2. Switch on "places" top right under your sign on. 3. Select "add place" 4. place in position next to the street number, be sure to
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Symbol for EV charging station
Jan (HERE Moderator)
Jan (HERE Moderator) Hi Tom and Martin, thank you, we will discuss this propoasal internally and see if we can change the icon.
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here we go error with map ver 9.01
Jan (HERE Moderator)
Jan (HERE Moderator) Thank you Saied, we will forward this issue to the dev team.
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how to save .json file
Jan (HERE Moderator)
Jan (HERE Moderator) Good news. Your geojson will now saved automatically after loading and you will see it again in your next MC session.
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M23 Jct 8 -11 North and South
Henry Edwards
Henry Edwards Hi Jan, I'm happy to do this, but when I select the M23 it selects tiny sections of the road - do I need to do every part of the road sections? Henry
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How much time it’ll take to approve my edit?
Guillermo R
Guillermo R 2-14 days? 2-3 weeks. Oh I see, that diagram was made in 2017. Can anyone back up these claims? All my edits are about to hit a month of pending.
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Road with boom or gate
Jan HERE Hi Martin, that is not possible at the moment. You can only add restricted driving maneuver but no gates.
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