Forums General How can I become a HERE Moderator for Nepal?

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  • Pitambar Bhattarai

    Can anyone tell me how one can become a HERE Moderator for a particular country? I have made numerous edits over the past couple of years and there are plenty of roads to be corrected in Nepal. I’m disappointed to see the roads that are wrong. If there is a possibility of editing the roads, I could correct them wherever necessary.

    Pritam Purohit

    Hello Sir,
    There is no way you can moderate roads but there is a verification process which is been followed and all edits made by end user are been checked and den updated in the up coming data base. So you dont need to worry for that.

    Pitambar Bhattarai

    @ Pritam Purohit,
    Thank you very much for getting me and I appreciate your ideas which is been shared in the forum. But, I could’t correct the geometry of road feature in Nepal. Do you and anyone in the forum have any idea about when will Nepal be unlocked for editing?

    Thanks everyone.

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