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    This road segment is highlighted on the map in pale yellow, indicating a higher type of road. Despite this, in the editor it is a simple road with the type “Residential”. No functions were found in the tags and attributes of the road segment that are responsible for its higher priority. Why is this segment not highlighted in pale yellow in the editor?

    Jan (HERE Moderator)

    Map Creator itself reflects our live map. In higher zoomlevels (editable) vector data from the live map is displayed. In lower zoomlevels (not editable) a tile server with raster data is used which represents a differen database(not live data with an older release date and sometimes a different classification of the road. For editing please follow the rout types available in the edit panel.

    Владимир Гальченко

    I mean another problem. Map creator does not have one road type in the edit panel.

    Highway is a pink road.
    Local access is a bright-yellow road.
    Residential is a white road.
    Pedestrian is a grey road, etc.

    What road type is displayed as a pale-yellow road on the map, like this segment on the screenshots???? In the editor it is marked like residential, but IT IS NOT RESIDENTIAL. This is another type of road which is NOT available in the edit panel.

    I ask to fix this problem and add this road type to the edit panel, like it is done in Photoshop.

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