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    Is there a way to edit multiple sections of a road?

    Or a way to request a fix to a more wide spread issue?

    For example, the speed limits for most roads in Vancouver, Canada has been set on the map to 30 km/h

    But the default speed limit is 50 km/h

    If I select multiple sections in the web interface, there is no option to set speed limits
    And I don’t see a way to select multiple sections in the iOS app


    Jan (HERE Moderator)

    Multiple selection of road segments is only possible in the desktop version. Please hold the Shift key to select multiple segments. But you can only change SL on segments with the same directions as the Speed Limit attribute is direction dependent.
    Multiple selections are not possible in the mobile applications.

    To submit a general feedback please click right mouse on the location and select “Report other map problem” in the menu.

    Department of Municipalities and Transport Abu Dhabi

    Dear Jan,
    Is there a way to select all the segments of the same road by attribute say “road_name”. The SHIFT+selection works but we loose all the selections if one wrong click is made. We have most of the road names being changed in Abu Dhabi as a part of new Addressing project named Onwani.

    Or is there a way to update roadnames in bulk through mapcreatror web interface.

    Best Regards,

    Allen Hurley

    The mobile applications do not allow for multiple selections. Please use the right mouse button on the location and choose “Report other map problem” from the menu to provide general comments. free games

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