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More options to highlighting roads
Juan Jose Iglesias
Juan Jose Iglesias One important feature required are QUALITY CONTROL TOOLS, Unconnected Roads (adjacents), duplicated or overlapped roads, needs to be catched easily and quickly otherwise the navigation features are us
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gpx file
Gordon HERE Map Master (Ambassador)
Gordon HERE Map Master (Ambassador) it is not possible, you have to import the gpx file to Here, then manually draw the road, you cannot do any script or anything else, you can send the gpx file to Here staff who can add it to the datab
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How to add a new village or city to map?
ALI Hakami
ALI Hakami Thank You Juan& Jan for replying to me I just create Map Problem Report to Administrative with details hope they will added it soon also I make report with map problem earlier this month because
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directions to my home
Stelarys Sp
Stelarys Sp La Tradicional Belgrado 01 esq. Paseo de la reforma cp. 06600 Col. Juárez. Delegación Cuauhtémoc
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time required to have added places reviewed and added to map
Jan (HERE Moderator)
Jan (HERE Moderator) Yes, under "Your Stuff" in Map Creator left menu you can track your edits and see the status,.
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Routing point vs postal address
John Manning
John Manning I finally found an existing forum post for this issue! Is there any update planned for this in Map Creator? Thanks.
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Issue with Centerline download and HERE online not matching
eva beauty
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Towns don't appear on the map
Jan (HERE Moderator)
Jan (HERE Moderator) Hi John, we do have the official admin names for cities, towns or villages in our map. If they do not appear in your nav system, please contact Jeep customer service. In Map Cerator, you canno0t direc
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SW12 8AQ and SW12 8AH
Ben (HERE Moderator)
Ben (HERE Moderator) Hi Matthew, The postocdes have now been updated in the HERE database. Thanks Ben
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Becoming a reviewer
Jan (HERE Moderator)
Jan (HERE Moderator) After assigning to an area via “My Adopted Neighborhood”et email notifications aboutchanges within this area regarding all editable features: Places, Roads, Haousenumbers. In “My Adopted Neighbo
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Write custom POI's to SD card ?
Kevin Hutchison
Kevin Hutchison There are many of us interested in updating "Here" maps on our GPS devices due to their lack of providing regular updates. It appears the deal between Here and the GPS supplier precludes them from su
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Is there a process for city/stat gov to upload county road/address data
Michael Haraway
Michael Haraway Shona, Couple things. 1. Noone ever got back to me. 2. The real answer is ( supposed to be) that government offices should go through Having said that, even that doesn't w
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Edits not showing
Claudio Siragusa
Claudio Siragusa who knows why people use waze...I've entered the street where I live for months now but it's never entered in the maps! If they don't trust us, say so!
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No charging stations any more in map creator
lucy hill07
lucy hill07 Longhorn Steakhouse surveys its patrons to find out what they think of the variety of food they serve and the assistance they provide. As a customer, you can enter to win items from Longhornsteakhouse
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Road with boom or gate
daniel bryant
daniel bryant Yes, roads that are closed for traffic, such as private roads or roads into military areas, are often marked by a boom barrier or a gate. These physical barriers control access and indicate that entry
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