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  • Michael Haraway

    I just received an interesting email from our country E911 GIS manager. He described the process from initial community planning to picking, reviewing, and finalizing lots, roads, and addresses to getting the data out to the post office and state. He assumed all of the mapping companies grabbed the latest data from the state. I’m not sure how that happens from the various mapping companies like HERE.

    Having said that, the person at Google I have been working with passed me a link that describes the process by which organizations/gov offices can upload data into the system:

    Does HERE have something similar? If so, I can pass that on to the GIS manager so we can get updates into the system quicker.

    Thank you.

    Shona Chisholm

    Hi Michael, thanks for your query. What country are you based in? One of the local data partnerships team can get in touch with you to discuss the options.

    Michael Haraway

    Hi Shona,

    I’m in the United States in the state of Tennessee. As I have worked through getting addresses into the system on my own I’ve recently been in touch with our county GIS manager. He explained the process to me how new communities are created, new road and addresses assigned and approved and ultimately incorporated into various GIS systems like the post off and ultimately up to the state level.

    He assumed that providers such as HERE, Tom Tom, Google, etc all automatically pulled data from those systems but seems to be willing to work with the various providers if there is a system to upload like Google has in place.

    Once someone from the local data partnerships team contacts me, I’ll pass that information off to the GIS manager.

    Thank you very much!

    Michael Haraway


    Couple things.

    1. Noone ever got back to me.

    2. The real answer is ( supposed to be) that government offices should go through

    Having said that, even that doesn’t work. Our local county GIS manager tried to go through the upload weeks ago and we still have no data updated into HERE. Google provides the same capability and our GIS Manager has uploaded 3 entire communities which showed up in just a few days.

    This wouldn’t be an issue if HERE didn’t provide map data to Fedex (through Ground Cloud). HERE needs to be more proactive since they do have a responsibility to get addresses an roads for new communities updated as fast as possible especially when government offices are using the upload site to help HERE keep their maps updated.

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