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Weg bestaat niet, verkeerde geometrie
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Will submitted changes ever be processed?
Jimmy Chavez
Jimmy Chavez Absolutely, the future of processing submitted changes looks promising. With the efficiency of tools like the Hydrogen Executor in Roblox, we can anticipate faster and smoother processing for script s
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De Corbulo tunnel is nog afgesloten tot 01-07-2024
Martijn W
Martijn W @Angelo van Turenhout Ik maak ook gebruik van een Garmin. Ik heb de huidige en oude kaart bekeken. De nieuwe weg staat inderdaad op de laatste twee versies van de kaart ingetekend, maar je wordt er n
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Weg bestaat niet en heeft verkeerde geometrie.
Martijn W
Martijn W Zo te zien is een deel van de weg ingetekend op het voetpad. Er kloppen wel meerdere wegen qua geometrie niet rondom het Erasmus MC. Ik heb het geprobeerd aan te passen. Nu nog wachten op moderatie.
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Verwerken van de gegevens
Michael Kruseman
Michael Kruseman Dear Here map moderators, On the 16th of december i have put los of work in updating the maps in Duiven. I have put 96 changes in de map creator tool and till today non of them have been reviewd and
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Reese Douglas
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I made a mistake
Jens Jakobus van den Hout
Jens Jakobus van den Hout Good morning Daan, Don't worry, everybody makes mistakes every once in a while! I have simply rolled back your edit, so everything is fine now. Greetings, Jens van den Hout
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How is it possible?
Eric Roeland
Eric Roeland Thank you Jens, I hope that Here Maps will be updated a bit sooner in the future! Regards, Eric
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500 internal server error
Peter Groft
Peter Groft Try Reloading the Page. Clear Your Browser Cache. Check Your Server Logs. Check for Errors in Establishing a Database Connection. Check Your Plugins and Themes. Reinstall WordPress Core. Check for Per
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New road structure A4 – A44 below Leiden stays closed until 2024 due to a fire
Jens Jakobus van den Hout
Jens Jakobus van den Hout Good morning Eric, Thank you for reaching out to us! Another user has already asked about this issue to us and everything works correctly: even though the tunnel is still visible in our maps, it is no
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Verkeerde stadnaam (Montferland i.p.v. Didam)
Dennis Kroese
Dennis Kroese Hartelijk dank Jens!
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Ask about height buildings.
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We cannot plan throug this road.
Martijn W
Martijn W I modified it for you. However, my edit has not yet been approved.
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Truck restriction 30t not in 2022.Q3 map delivery
Andrija Huzjak
Andrija Huzjak Hi Jens, Thanks for assistance!
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How to claim a company, how to edit?
Jens Jakobus van den Hout
Jens Jakobus van den Hout Hi Jan, It is possible to edit places in HERE Map Creator! First of all, make sure the 'places'-layer is activated (as shown in screenshot 1). Then click on the place you want to edit through the blu
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