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  • Martijn W

    This morning I edit in Forefox a few area’s, but a few times the map isn’t loading. And then I receive the message 500 internal server error. Sometimes my edit’s aren’t saved.

    Eric Oeder

    in those cases better to wait a bit or leave the MC for a while. If you detect that after refreshing it doesn´t become better than really wait or postpone your edits to avoid loss of changes. So better save than sorry…

    Eric Oeder

    there are bigger server problems at the moment. So please wait some time until these are fixed.
    Sorry for that…

    Peter Groft

    Try Reloading the Page.
    Clear Your Browser Cache.
    Check Your Server Logs.
    Check for Errors in Establishing a Database Connection.
    Check Your Plugins and Themes.
    Reinstall WordPress Core.
    Check for Permissions Error.
    Increase PHP Memory Limit.


    Jamal Saynar

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    Aashray Jahiem

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    David Menk

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