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  • Eric Roeland

    How is it possible that there are so many streets missing in the HERE We Go maps.
    My work location is located since 2019 and not even the street is known within the map application.
    All other map creators do have a better coverage than Here we go.

    Jens Jakobus van den Hout

    Hi Eric,
    Thanks for reaching out! Could you let us know which location and street you are referring to? We’ll take a look at the situation and fix what needs to be fixed.
    You can also reach us at

    Eric Roeland

    Hertzstraat 1, Raalte, Overijssel, Nederland.

    This is still a open space in Maps. And we are located here since 2019 and already building a second warehouse.

    Jens Jakobus van den Hout

    Modifications have been made in our database and soon the location will be integrated in our maps!

    Eric Roeland

    Thank you Jens,
    I hope that Here Maps will be updated a bit sooner in the future!

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