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  • Claire Robinson

    Hi all,
    Apologies about the delay – I am currently out of the office, and country for a couple of weeks in meetings so if you could bear with me it would be appreciated.
    Thanks Greg for stepping in too and adding to the discussion.
    I raised this with the engineering team and sent all of your feedback when it was first reported by you – the response was provided by Knut in the original discussion thread:
    We are currently still investigating the root cause from some of our database team. Apologies about this. Thanks

    Gordon HERE Map Master (Ambassador)

    just had a look at SO16 6QH again and its missing roads again and SO16 8HY is missing roads on roundabout to the right and also on the left of shops with phantom roads too.

    Gordon HERE Map Master (Ambassador)

    and also south of that on upper brownhill road, and kendal avenue/Wimpsom Lane has overlapping roundabouts

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    Stephen Dadda

    The problems in Southampton referred to above are still not fully fixed as sections of road and roundabout are missing.

    I have also looked at an edit I made in Poole and sections of road and the roundabout are now missing and coloured in red on the screen shot attached.

    Have HERE found out the cause of the problem, fixed it and identified all the roads that need to be corrected? When will the roads be corrected?

    Looks like the screen shot may have uploaded this time but I have left the link to be sure. Have HERE now fixed the upload bug?

    Stephen Dadda

    Just checked the SO16 6QH post code again (16:15 23/09/2017) and more sections of roads and roundabouts are missing from Dale Road, Dale Valley Road and Tremona Road. How is this happening?

    Claire Robinson – HERE UK and Ireland

    Hi Stephen,
    I’ve submitted another report about this and what you report here.

    Stephen Dadda

    Checked SO16 6QH this evening (05/10/2017) and Dale Road has reappeared but the roundabout at the junction of Dale Road and Dale Valley Road has completely disappeared. Parts of Tremona Road and the two roundabouts are still missing.

    Stephen Dadda

    Changes are still happening to Dale Road, Dale Valley Road and Tremona Road Southampton and the 3 mini roundabouts.
    I have made no recent edits to these roads or roundabouts.
    Screenshot-50 was taken at about 21:56 on 07/10/2017 and shows the roads correctly without the 3 mini roundabouts. Screenshot-51 was taken tonight (11/10/2017) at about 20:24 and again shows no roundabouts but sections of roads are again missing and a phantom section of road has appeared.
    What is going on?

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    Stephen Dadda

    Another example where part of a road and half a roundabout are missing in Albert Road North Southampton.
    Screenshot-52 taken at about 20:55 11/10/2017 shows part of Anglesea Terrace and half the roundabout missing. I added the roundabout some months ago but could not remove the protected sections of road so reported it as a map problem.

    Gordon HERE Map Master (Ambassador)

    just had a look at Dale Road today and its worse than ever now.

    Stephen Dadda

    Just checked (about 21:45 28/10/2017) Dale Road, Dale Valley Road and Tremona Road and the roads have been reinstated to as they were before the mini roundabout edits were made. All reference to the 3 mini roundabouts which are clearly shown marked on the roads on the satellite image have been removed.
    The mini roundabouts are at the junction of Dale Road and Dale Valley Road, Dale Road and Tremona Road and Tremona Road and the unnamed one way hospital exit road.
    Will HERE moderators be making further edits to reinstate the mini roundabouts or do the roundabouts have to be added again?

    Stephen Dadda

    Drove through Lymington Hampshire today and found several mini roundabouts which my Mazda insatalled HERE maps sat nav doesn’t know about. Added the mini roundabouts and then spotted that 2 sections of the A337 Milford Road are missing as shown on attached screen shots taken at about 20:45 30/10/2017.
    I have not corrected the missing sections of road.
    How can sections of a protected road go missing?

    Stephen Dadda

    As of 20:30 31/10/2017 Dale Road, Dale Valley Road and Tremona Road and the 3 mini roundabouts appear to be physically correct with the exception that the roundabouts have no speed limit set.
    Wait with interest to see what happens next to these roads and roundabouts.

    Stephen Dadda

    Looks like Halloween has had a bad impact on SO16 6QH roads which were almost correct last night. Screen shot taken at about 19:45 01/11/2017.

    Stephen Dadda

    Just checked the SO16 6QH post code and more incorrect changes have been made to Dale Road, Dale Valley Road and Tremona Road and their 3 mini roundabouts.

    Screenshot 108 with ‘Highlight Missing Connections’ and ‘Highlight Roads by Speed Limit’ highlights turned on and screenshot 109 with the highlights turned off show the latest editing efforts. Screenshots were taken at about 08:30 am 07/11/2017.

    The one way hospital exit road which should intersect with the incomplete roundabout in Tremona Road has not been reinstated. It now looks like one and a half roundabouts and junctions have not been checked and set.

    I have not made any edits to these roads and roundabouts for some months now. When will these roads and roundabouts be correctly reinstated?

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