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  • Stephen Dadda

    Sunday morning and the roads around SO16 6QH post code are correct again on HERE Map Creator.
    The road through the middle of the roundabout at the Dale Road and Dale Valley Road junction has been removed.
    It is encouraging to see that mini roundabouts are making there way on to HERE WeGo for Windows 10 but a section of Tremona Road appears to be duplicated in HERE WeGo after the hospital exit road roundabout.
    Screen shots taken at about 11:00 am 07/01/2018

    Stephen Dadda

    After 2 days of being correct the roads and roundabouts around SO16 6QH post code are again wrong!
    The alignment of Dale Valley Road has been changed so it connects with Dale Road rather than the roundabout.
    A section of Dale Road has been added through the middle of the roundabout at its junction with Tremona Road and the junctions haven’t been connected.
    A new duplicate section of Tremona Road has been added between the two roundabouts.
    Screenshots taken at about 08:50 am 09/01/2018.

    Gordon HERE Map Master (Ambassador)

    Stephen as you can see its a mess again, missing roads and phantom roads appeared. I have sent an email to the highest person I know at HERE (Sr. Geographic Analyst) and see what they can do about it.

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