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  • Andrew Gransden

    Recently a number of my accepted changes appear on the map as duplicated roads overlaying each other. Is this a problem with Map Creator or a display anomaly? Should I go back and remove the duplicated roads? In this example, I set the roads to 30mph (previous unset) for this site at Kinloss Barracks from personal knowledge.

    Gordon HERE Map Master (Ambassador)

    your not the only one i have noticed many places like this, its either a bug in the system or its a member of here staff that is making a mess of it when verifying things as its fine until edit goes for verification and once verified thats when its noticible. I have tried deleting any i seen but when check at later date the whole road is missing and have to add it from scratch again.

    Knut Kratzenberg

    Such conflicts can occur when HERE employees coincidentally edit on the same region or – more frequently – these are temporary effects when objects which failed the automated merge with the main database are manually edited. Meanwhile, the situation has been cleaned up by HERE staff.

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