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  • Stephen Dadda

    The road geometry for Dale Road, Dale Valley Road, Tremona Road, the hospital exit road and the 3 mini roundabouts are finally correct.. The junction connections are now all set but speed limits have not been set on the roundabouts and hospital exit road.
    Screen shots taken at about 08:00am 08/11/2017.
    How long before the road geometry change again?

    Stephen Dadda

    I added the missing section of Upper Brownhill Road (Southampton) and reconnected Lords Hill to the roundabout as shown in screen shots 98 (before edit) and 99 (after edit) taken at about 21:00 04/11/2017.
    Checking again today the corrections I made have disappeared as shown in screenshot 112 taken at about 14:15 08/11/2017.
    I will not make any further edits to these roads and roundabout and will see what happens next.
    Can somebody from HERE please explain what is going on with edits disappearing?

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    Stephen Dadda

    Just checked another correction that I made recently and that has also disappeared. I have started to take screenshots of all edits as I was beginning to wonder if I really had made the edits as so many were disappearing!
    This time the correction was to South Street, St Austell following the removal of protected roads in the centre of the added mini reported to HERE moderators as a map problem.
    Screen shots 83 (before edit) and 84 (after edit) were taken at about 22:00 on 02/11/2017. Screenshot 113 was taken at about 14:30 08/11/2017 and shows the edits removed.
    Again I will make no further edits to these roads.

    Stephen Dadda

    I made some changes to Tollbar Way Hedge End on 03/11/2017. Screenshot 88 shows the road layout at about 10:15 am on 03/11/2017.
    I added a new one way access road from the roundabout into the retail park and parking lot roads. I also added a service road from Tollbar Way before it reaches the roundabout with Botley Road.
    Screen shot 117 taken at about 15:00 08/11/2017 shows the road layout as it now is. There are now 2 access roads in to the retail park from the roundabout and an additional parking lot road. The service road has become 2 separate roads.
    I have made no further edits to these roads since 03/11/2017.
    Can anybody explain what is going on with edits to HERE maps?.

    Stephen Dadda

    I added a missing section of Daniels Lane St Austell following the editing of protected roads running through the centre of a new mini roundabout.
    Screenshot 86 (before edit) and 87 (after edit) were taken at about 22:15 on 02/11/2017.
    Screenshot 118 taken at about 15:15 on 08/11/2017 shows that the edit has disappeared.
    I have made no edits to this road since screen shot 87 was taken.

    Stephen Dadda

    Another day and yet more incorrect changes to SO16 6QH and Dale Road, Dale Valley Roa, Tremona Road, hospital exit road and the 3 mini roundabouts! Please see my last post on 08/11/2017 for this post code earlier in the thread for the screenshots as the road was yesterday
    Screenshots 138 and 139 were taken at about 08:45 am 09/11/2017 show the situation this morning. 139 has highlights for speed limits and missing connections set.
    Can HERE please confirm what is going on and why the roads keep getting incorrectly amended.

    Stephen Dadda

    Another day and yet more incorrect changes to SO16 6QH and Dale Road, Dale Valley Roa, Tremona Road, hospital exit road and the 3 mini roundabouts!
    At least the road geometry looks correct but speed limits on the roundabouts (assume they should have speed limits to match the connecting major road?) and hospital exit road not set and one road junction with roundabout not connected. Screen shots 155 and 156 taken at about 08:00am 10/11/2017.

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    Stephen Dadda

    Another day and another small change to SO16 6QH area. The missing junction connection on the Tremona Road and hospital exit road has now been fixed but speed limits not set on all 3 roundabouts and hospital exit road.
    Screenshots 157 and 158 were taken at about 07:30am 11/11/2017.
    Is the Discussion Board monitored by HERE?

    Stephen Dadda

    The Dale Road (SO16 6QH), Dale Valley Road, Tremona Road, hospital exit road and the 3 roundabouts finally appear to be 100% correct.
    Screenshots 178 and 179 were taken at about 09:00 12/11/2017.
    How long before more changes are made and it is all wrong again?

    Stephen Dadda

    Checked SO16 6QH this morning and after a few days of being correct errors have reappeared as shown in attached screenshots taken at about 09:00am 15/11/2017.
    I have not made any recent edits to Dale Road, Dale Valley Road, Tremona Road, unnamed hospital exit road and the 3 roundabouts.
    Can anybody at HERE explain what is going on?

    Gordon HERE Map Master (Ambassador)

    Stephen, I think you should just give up and get your sanity back as its an ongoing issue all over uk, i seens so many things wrong and well over 50 of my edits been deleted, changed or phantom things appeared when they should not have. i sent claire a long list on facebook as i was getting so frustrated.
    just concentrate on other things and leave that particular one alone till the main database issue is fixed

    Andrew Gransden

    I agree with Gordon. The accuracy of the mapping database is being compromised by the errors in accepted changes and bad decisions by the ‘experts’ rejecting valid changes submitted with no explanation or reason. While I am now seeing my updates being processed I have little confidence that they are being correctly applied and like you I do go back to check that anomalies and errors have not crept in.

    On a positive note I see that changes I submitted over 6 months ago have made their way into the latest Honda 2018.0 Map update. I am no longer being directed into a side road off the main road in town. Other navigation errors are still present.

    Stephen Dadda

    Gordon and Andrew,
    Thanks for your concern about my sanity but I intend to monitor SO16 6QH area and will post screen shots as it changes until HERE finally resolve any issues they have.
    Does anybody from HERE currently monitor the Map Creator Discussion Board (in need of serious improvement to make it fit for purpose) or is the focus now on Facebook?
    For some reason this morning my Chrome browser didn’t automatically log me into Map Creator. When I searched for SO16 6QH it gave me a different road layout for Tremona Road to the road layout displayed after I logged in. The attached screen shots were taken at about 08:00 am 16/11/2017. I get the same road layouts with satellite image turned on but it is easier to see with no out of focus images in the background.
    Is this correct? I’m not going to compromise my sanity further by trying to work out what is going on!

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    Claire Robinson

    Hi Stephen,
    Yes we monitor the Discussion Board and I have been providing your feedback and escalating this/these situations. I can only apologise for the ongoing issue here and reiterate it is with the engineering and production teams. It does appear however that Gordon also made changes here, and as a result, somehow these errors and the geometry has now appeared as your screenshots 304. When multiple users are making changes at the same location, sometimes this can cause issues during the integration and display of the geometry/map – due to obvious differences in geocoding and timing of the integration of each link.
    This situation should be resolved now as I have moderated all the correct edits, which are showing correct.
    When adding a roundabout, don’t forget also you can right mouse click and ‘Add roundabout’ which brings up the roundabout geometry ready to move into position and resize if necessary.
    We have also provided feedback regarding this Discussion Board itself and enhancements and improvements are being made after the initial launch earlier this year.
    Thanks for your posts – it helps us to improve Map Creator and understand our users.

    Stephen Dadda

    Hi Claire,
    Thanks for your assurance that the Map Creator Discussion Board (MCDB) is being monitored by HERE and that action is being taken on the issues being raised. Under the present release of the MCDB there is no way of knowing that the post has been read.
    I do use the “Add new roundabout” function but there are issues with it, particularly when creating roundabouts on protected or locked roads. I will raise those issues as a separate MCDB thread.
    You mention that Gordon and I have both made edits in the SO16 6QH area. May be HERE should consider locking down an area to prevent further changes until the moderators have resolved all changes made in that area?
    Changes have again happened in SO16 6QH but there are still issues as shown in the attached screenshots.

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