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  • Terry Bates

    As a consequence I have a gap in the coastal path I’m trying to put on.,-1.5316106227104171,20,0,0

    Suppose to be due to the sea / shoreline border not being correct. Can I ask for the technical people to move the sea so I can get the path on. I have seen issues on Openstreet where the sea isn’t quite right.


    Terry Bates

    OK 3 hours latter seems to be fixed. I did have another go and moved the path right to the left of the satellite path image (on the edge) rather than on my track or perhaps hidden hands fixed it.

    Benjamin Leese

    Hi Terence Bates,

    I see your issue has been resolved. Sometimes the coast line is a little off (high tide lines, estuary ebbs and flows etc!) and that cna only be move by HERE professionals. So if you have any more issues please raise a map feedback.



    Terry Bates

    Thanks Benjamin. What was slightly annoying was that I was tracing a track and the further I got when it went wrong the more I needed to repeat, so I broke it into parts. I’ll know what to look out for next time.

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