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    ch. pibestes



    il faut remettre l’information dans les zar téléchargeable n° peugeot E490201139071 qui a disparu dans cette version **Sur la d 817 dans le sens tarbes vers pau , vitesse a 90; a l’intersection d817/d93**

    ch. pibestes

    il serait très utile de remettre l’information de la présence d’une zar dans le sens tarbes vers pau
    a partir de l’intersection D817/D93 , l’info a disparu dans dernière version téléchargeable PEUGEOT E4902011739071.

    James Barton

    The forum won’t let me upload screenshots, either as png (as created by Windows 10) or as jpg. When I click on the upload images button, and go through the dialogue, I can briefly see the file name appear, above the button, then it disappears and there is no uploaded photo.


    when traveling south on Roswell Road in Atlanta Ga-when you cross over I-285 the map directions say to turn left on hwy 19 which is actually the ramp to I-285 east

    Miralem Jusić

    Friends welcome from Bosnia and Herzegovina

    David Storm

    I recently bought a GPS update for my Honda Odyssey. It has missed several major roads in our area of Sacramento. On calling Honda to report this, they referred me to this web site. The roads missing on the “updated” GPS are Consumnes Blvd, a 4 lane connection of Hwy 160 and Hwy 99, at least two years old. The other is Village parkway in West Sacramento, a major by pass of the city, over a year old. I see on your map here that both roads are indicated. Why haven’ they been included on this update that I bought a few weeks ago?

    Juan Jose Iglesias

    Hi Everybody. Could someone inform me who is the Area Manager for Bolivia? I just recently edited several roads in Map Creator but the quality of the existing data is quite poor and there is a lot of overlapped and unconnected roads that make the data useless for car navigation.
    J.J.Iglesias / Cochabamba-Bolivia / /+591-72213368

    Gordon HERE Map Master (Ambassador)

    Bolivia is a mess just now but it is slowly getting fixed but it will take some time, not sure who is in charge but you can contact Claire in the Uk and she will pass on any questions you have

    Jan (HERE Moderator)

    Hi Don and David,
    please use the editing tools or the Map Feedback functionality of Map Creator to report the changes in your area. Our map experts will review them and make the necessary changes to the map.

    The update cycle for the different HERE products are very different depending on the product. The most recent updates can be found at with an update cycle of two weeks. For third party products which are using our HERE maps the release cycle depends on the products release cycle 2 weeks up to 1 year.

    Kind regards,

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    Jan (HERE Moderator)

    Community contact for Bolivia is Nicolas Lobos,

    Juan Jose Iglesias

    Know him already, not many answers..

    Jeffrey Riehle

    Greetings, thanks for the opportunity to make my community map system better.
    I am from Prescott Valley, Arizona Hope to make some improvements to the maps in the area.

    ALI Hakami

    Hi Everybody
    I can’t find names of most villages and cities in my area there is no option to add it or make request for authorized person to do it for me. what can i do? location Saudi Arabia Jazan City, ohod Almasarha.

    Also the map out of date for most of the area!!

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    Juan Jose Iglesias

    Hi Ali Hakami, in the current level of Map Creator, no one can add cities, towns, villages or hamlets; so the only way is to report those places as a “Map Problem” – Administrative – Missing City Name… As an example my Country has more than 24 Thousand Populated Centres and less than 2000 are actually in the Here Data Base, and from those many of them are just plain wrong.or miss-located. So I need to open a ticket for each one wrong and also for each one missing, and then await several weeks for someone in Here to “approve” if the city where you live is Right or Wrong written…. Liked or Not this is the “Brilliant” way that this “Map” is handled….

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