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  • Andrew Gransden

    I applied changes on several occasions to the B9138 to avoid NavSats routing traffic off the main trunk road A95 (southbound) along this very narrow rural road onto the B9102 towards Grantown-on-Spey. Normal traffic should remain on the main road. Please do not reject changes. Error report -5553668

    Gordon HERE Map Master (Ambassador)

    you should not be restricting this road as it is a legal road and has no traffic restrictions, it is wide enough and many passing places and no specific vehicle restrictions. it should be a standard “White” residential road with speed limit 60mph and all vehicles allowed and paved surface.

    when satnavs route places you do not expect it is usually the device settings that are incorrect not the maps.

    Andrew Gransden

    I am not restricting the road. The B9138 is a narrow rural road which has the 60mph legal limit but between the A95 and B9102 this is not possible due to the steep descent/climb to the River Spey and narrow bridge. No through traffic heading south on the main A95 trunk road should be directed down this road. Especially the heavy HGV traffic travelling from Elgin to Aviemore and the A9 south. It should stay on the A95. The B9012 running north of the Spey is also unsuitable for heavy traffic. It may be that the navsat is at fault but the mapping needs to reflect the true nature of the roads. They are not all motorways or dual carriageways.

    Benjamin Leese

    Hi Andrew,

    This is a tough one in that using the B9138 and then B9102 is 3 miles and several minutes quicker (@60mph in theory) than taking the A95 through Cromdale.

    Looking at our video from 2016 there are no signed restrictions for trucks or width/length etc. on the B roads and the signed speed limit is the national limit for a single carriageway road of 60mph.

    However it would be preferable to take the A95 as it a trunk route and higher speeds can be maintained and has no passing places issues or narrow bridges.

    So I assume you changed the average speed? In fact around 75% of these went through our system and I’ve just fixed the rest.

    Hopefully this will keep routing on the A95.



    Andrew Gransden

    Thank you Ben. The same issue applies when driving north from Aviemore to Elgin on A95. My Honda CRV Garmin satnav tries to route you off the A95 trunk road on the B9102 at the roundabout through the middle of Grantown on Spey then along the B9102 towards Craigellachie. The calculated time is the same but unlikely in practice. The problem is the same. The B9102 is a rural B road that twists and turns with many changes of gradient with the need at points to avoid on-coming traffic. It is only suitable for local traffic and access or slow tourist traffic. I suspect the routing logic is to kept you first driving in a straight line (not turn right at roundabout) and then stay on the same road name/number.

    Benjamin Leese

    Hi Andrew,

    I did ensure that the B9102 north of the Marypark B9138 junction through Archiestown and down to Craigellachie and the River Spey

    This should now cover the whole route of the B9102.

    Thanks, Ben

    Andrew Gransden

    Hi Ben, again looking at the approved changes to the B9138 from the A95 at Marypark to the B9102, the average speeds had again be set at 40mph through the small settlement at Denhead Terrace and through the tight bends and bridge over the River Spey at Blackboat. This is not what you assured me and represents another distortion of the road conditions and average speeds. Also Denhead Terrace relates to 8 semi-detached workers houses/cottages not to the whole road.

    I am again split the road and adjusted the average speeds to what normal driving can achieve.

    Andrew Gransden

    Hi Ben I have just seen that my changes that you approved have been rejected AGAIN. I don’t know who is responsible but why are they ignoring local knowledge. I made a special trip at the weekend to photograph the B9138 to show how narrow it is with passing places. I also discovered that the B9120 that traffic is directed to has reduced winter maintenance.

    You can see from the photos the 8 semi-detached houses that make up Denhead Terrace (not the name of the road) and the narrow bridges over the River Spey and the old railway (now Speyside Way).

    Can we please have some recognition from the HER professionals that those of us on the ground are not reporting unnecessary changes?

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    Andrew Gransden

    Again the corrections to the B9138 I submitted have been rejected outright by a so-called HERE Professional. These actions are entirely unacceptable as its keeps ignoring local knowledge of this narrow rural road. If I find my contributions being dismissed so out of hand then I will stop contributing. Link-Id: -34863286 & -34863285

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