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  • Ian Alexander Inman

    Just to note I’ve noticed a fewomissions from around Stanley, Consett and Chester-le-Street areas. I’m editing these in with reference to Ordinance Survey maps and also my own knowledge of the areas concerned.

    The main omissions are the C2C, Lancester Valley Way and Derwenside Walk cycle routes, though there’s a few subsidiary routes and footpaths also missing. The edits are not exhaustive, however, as I’ve not added paths or roads that are now inaccessible (i.e. unused or overgrown).

    One annoyance in the West Kyo, Stanley area is there’s a selection of streets that have all been referred to as “Fairfield”. This was incorrect and I’ve corrected some of the street names. Apparently, delivery drivers have been delivering to wrong addresses as a result of this, so if anyone can look into approving and uploading these edits especially, I’d be grateful.


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    Claire Robinson – HERE UK and Ireland

    Thanks Ian, I’ll take a look at your edits there and make sure they are moderated and approved as soon as possible.
    We appreciate your local knowledge and edits here to improve your local areas! 🙂

    Andrey Plastunov
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