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    There should be an option to view those that are rejected so we are aware of what has been accepted and those which are rejected

    also with regard to rejections there should be a comment made by staff why it was rejected and a facility to add a reply to that so you can appeal against rejection.

    There should also be a way of adding comments to any submissions you make to explain why your making the edit if it is unusal or if it is a complex one, something similar to what google maps have where you can add comments. As if someone from another country is approving or denying edits they will not have full local uk knowlege of things so something that is normal in uk may seem strange to them and will be denied.

    I have added a few road names in past and they been rejected as wa single names but unusual in spelling but was totally normal in that they were scottish words and totally legal and official names. But as no way to comment and explain this was denied. Yes, I can email Claire at Here directly but when comes to general edits having comments box would be good.

    Gordon HERE Map Master (Ambassador)

    example this was rejected but no idea why
    Link-Id: -31626274

    Gordon HERE Map Master (Ambassador)

    also, any way to add wight, width and hight limits to roads,.
    I have a full list of bridge heights from a FOI request from national rail so is accurate
    but the width and weight could be an additional feature where users can supply info

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