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  • Philip Reynolds

    I have not found how I might be able to fix this: There are two places on Newham Way (the A13 in East London) where my Renault Clio’s navigator alerts for speed cameras in a 30 mph limit, as you are travelling in a 50. One of them is perhaps understandable, though it should perhaps be quiet after the first alert until you enter, or at least enter a position of commitment to, the 30 limit. It happens as you approach the turning for Plaistow, when travelling west.

    The other, much more annoying one, occurs as you travel east on the flyover at the Manor Park turning (next turning east of the one above). In this case, you are not entering the 30 mph section at all, yet the warning chime still sounds until you pass the point on the flyover nearest to the camera in the road below.

    Any comments on getting this annoyance reduced? I am maps as up to date as possible in the car.

    Gordon HERE Map Master (Ambassador)

    HERE maps does not do speed cameras, the data for that is from other sources and not HERE

    Philip Reynolds

    Ah, thank you. I will contact Renault about this, then. Thank you for your clarification.

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