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  • Gerald Jones

    My Here powered SATNAV wrongly keeps telling me this is an unsurfaced road; it is surfaced.

    Claire Robinson – HERE UK and Ireland

    Hi Gerald, thanks very much for your post. I see we have the road in as paved in our database, so this should be correct. Depending on your Sat Nav system, it may require an update. Also, you can easily make changes yourself if you spot any errors or changes in your local area by editing the attributes listed when a road (or place, or address) is selected. Thanks!

    Gerald Jones

    The map is on a Nissan Connect Unit; last bought update in 2016. After that purchase I was very disappointed to find an error near my
    I did raise issue at time with Nissan & you, but as your online map was right, could seem to get nowhere with
    the Connect error . My Connect shows an Esso garage in London Rd, Newbury, Berks, which has been an ALDI
    for 8 years!

    I gather Nissan are changing policy on map updates, and making them free at each Nissan annual
    service which is great. However, there seems to be a disconnect between your maps on Nissan Connect SD cards
    & the online maps.
    It’s proving difficult to reply here.

    Using latest version of I Explorer 11, “SUBMIT” button is missing; having to use alternative.
    (screenshot attached of IE 11 not showing that button).

    Claire Robinson – HERE UK and Ireland

    Hi Gerald,
    Apologies for the late response on your latest post here. You can email more details to and I can forward on to our Technical Customer Service team who could hopefully give you some more answers.
    Thank you

    Claire Robinson – HERE UK and Ireland

    Apologies Gerald, for future reference the contact email should be

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