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  • Jim Hamshaw

    Needs correcting to NR8 6YT

    Claire Robinson – HERE UK and Ireland

    Thanks for your post Jim – I’ll get our field team to take a look at this and correct.

    Jim Hamshaw

    Hi Clare – any chance you can give this a push please? HERE maps are used for most popular taxi systems in my area, and my booked taxis keep getting lost!

    Claire Robinson – HERE UK and Ireland

    Hi Jim, apologies for the late response on this – I have forwarded this issue to our database engineer who can amend this. We don’t want you getting lost for much longer on your way home 🙂
    Thanks for your post!

    Jim Hamshaw

    Thanks Claire – it’s not getting home that’s the problem as I’m in the taxi – it’s getting picked up in the first place 😉

    Claire Robinson – HERE UK and Ireland

    Of course Jim, even worse if you can’t make it out down to the pub 🙂 Thanks!

    Jim Hamshaw

    Still not updated?

    NR8 6YT should be Bell Close, Nos 1-49

    NR8 6QB should be Fakenham Road, Nos 105-115

    Gordon HERE Map Master (Ambassador)

    Jim, it takes upto a year for updated map data to get to your GPS device so its not an instant fix

    Jim Hamshaw


    I get that, but shouldn’t the fix show in map creator first though? It’s still wrong in there – or have I misunderstood the process?

    Best regards


    Claire Robinson – HERE UK and Ireland

    Hi Jim,
    This has been fixed now, however postcode updates are currently on a quarterly basis, meaning the update will show on our devices Q1-18 as it narrowly missed the last release/update.
    It should be updated very soon on and Map Creator – you are not incorrect in the process in such that indeed, it should show/update here first.
    Many thanks, Claire

    Jim Hamshaw

    HI – so here we are, 10 months on, and the incorrect location for NR8 6QB still persists both in the live Here maps app and other sources (such as taxi booking apps and taxi driver satnavs) that use this data.

    Whilst Bell Close may now show the correct p[postcode, NR8 6QB STILL also directs to Bell close, and NOT Fakenham Road as it should.

    Can someone take another look at this please?

    NR8 6QB should centre on 109 Fakenham Road.

    Ben (HERE Moderator)

    Hi Jim

    Something went wrong in this instance and the postcode failed to ‘shift’ up to Fakenham Road. This change has now been processed again in the HERE database.



    Jim Hamshaw

    Hi Ben – any idea when this will go live please? Its still wrong in creator, and ive just diwnloaded the here we go app and new map and its still wrong there too…

    Jim Hamshaw

    STILL wrong on both the live app and map creator…….

    Jim Hamshaw

    This is getting boring now – I’ve spend many hours correcting the map in my local area, but you can’t get the postcode for my own address right!

    Please note NR8 6QB is located on Fakenham Road (Nos. 105 to 115 and , NOT Bell Close!!!

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