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  • Elan Dafydd

    Hi, Can someone help – Looking to amend a postcode. The postcode currently takes drivers on a narrow road (which is terrible for large vehicles – causes problems weekly!)

    Is there anyway we can amend the postcode slightly? So that sat navs will get the correct information?


    James Barton

    Have you look at how you can link the actual location of a place on the map to a particular road? If you click and drag the location marker, it splits from the road location . I have just had to do this for a golf club to get it to attach to the correct entry road.
    What bugs me is that in the map creator, it only shows the first group of characters plus the numbers from the second group. In 2017! I had 7 character postcodes on my satnav back in 2009.

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    Claire Robinson – HERE UK and Ireland

    Hi there, thanks for your posts.
    Currently the way to report postcode errors is to create a Map Feedback, as this is not yet editable in Map Creator.
    We can then check and amend if necessary the (full) post codes in our system, in turn updating all our map platforms and Sat Nav devices, fixing these routing problems in your area.
    For this situation you mention, we would probably also make this road a ‘No through’ for large vehicles – therefore routing these vehicles an alternative suitable route.
    As I say, please do create a Map Feedback for this at the location, or you can post the details on here, at the location.
    The Map Feedback menu can be found at the bottom right of the Map Creator to report problems that are currently not editable in Map Creator as yet.
    This discussion is useful for all Map Creators and users so thanks for raising the discussion and making your area as accurate and safe as possible in our map! 🙂

    Andrew Gransden

    One supplementary question on UK postcodes. Why does it appear that the last 2 letters are stripped from post codes (e.g. AB56 5AP appears as AB56 5). HERE users can enter house numbers but the full postcode when the latter normally covers down to a few properties.

    Claire Robinson – HERE UK and Ireland

    Hi Andrew, thanks for your comment. This is always an important point for discussion with our users. We have always truncated full postcodes in our database due to the sheer volume of postcodes for the country. It is a more accurate and efficient way to be able to contain these postcodes in our database, with full postcodes then located in a parallel adjoined system that enables you to see them in your satellite Navigation system.
    Do let us know about any postcode errors you think there may be in your areas via the Map Feedback system at the moment, and we can check and amend the full postcodes in our system. Thanks.

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