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  • Stephen Dadda

    The Place Labels on HERE UK maps in my local area are a total mess.

    Many are for locations, facilities or businesses which never existed, are often duplicated many times and even for genuine locations, facilities or businesses are in completely the wrong location.

    Based on the Place Labels in my local area I would have no confidence in using this information while travelling.

    Does HERE have any plans to address the existing issues and to control and verify the addition of future Place Labels?

    Claire Robinson – HERE UK and Ireland

    Hi Stephen,
    thanks for your post on this. May I ask exactly what area(s) that is? And in what system? If you could attach some screenshots also that would be great. If the picture upload does not work here (there are some known issues) then please email them to
    Then I can forward on to our places coordinator and try and get to the bottom of this.
    Thank you

    Stephen Dadda

    Hi Claire.
    I am using HERE Map Creator on a Windows 10 laptop logged on with my HERE account to make edits. The Place Labels appear when I zoom in to check road layout etc.. I have edited many Place Labels so they no longer appear under my log on.
    There are numerous random Place Labels attached to the M3 and M27 around Southampton. The attached M3 screen shot is for the M3 between junctions 11 and 12 opposite Otterbourne. One Place Label is for the M3 Car Park and the other place label is for Portsmouth Ferry Terminal.
    The screen shot of the area around Southampton University has 3 separate Place Labels for the Shell petrol station on the corner of Burgess Road and Glen Eyre Road. York Train Station also has a Place Label on Salisbury Road.
    The manufacturer fitted sat nav in my Mazda car is based on HERE maps but I rarely use it due to the missing mini roundabouts so cannot comment if the erroneous Place Labels that appear under Map Creator impact on the operation of the sat nav functions.

    Stephen Dadda

    Hi Claire.
    It looks like picture upload isn’t working so I will email them if they don’t upload with this post.

    Neil Pollard

    Agreed. Unlike the roads (which seem to be quite accurate), the quality of the place labels is awful right across the UK. Many places are duplicated several times and many of them are more than a mile away from their real location. Some of them appear to be been sourced from social media such as “the train to the seaside” etc. I’d estimate that perhaps 20% are correct.

    I’ve been trying to tidy up areas that I know well, but it would take thousands of people many years to sort this out. I think the sources of the data need to be reviewed urgently.

    Neil Pollard

    Here’s a screenshot showing an example of Cardiff station. In case it isn’t visible, here’s the entries with comments:

    * Cardiff having lots of wine
    – clearly taken from some kind of social media with no checks
    * Cardiff Railway Station
    – correct entry
    * Coffee Bar Cwmbran
    – this is 15 miles away
    * Scumland train station
    – another unchecked entry, presumably from social media
    * West Lodge Tea Room, Bute Park
    – this is about 2 miles away from this location

    Andrew Gransden

    I agree that the Places listed on HERE are a total mess. It would appear that many are created by AI (artificial intelligence) that show little intelligence in scanning the source data (presumably the internet and listing sites) or placing them in the correct location. In my small local town (pop 5000) I have deleted many multiple duplicates and in the totally wrong locations. Many are placed miles away from the actual location and are difficult to identify due to the high zoom level need to view them.

    I believe these AI-generated places should be stripped out and a fresh start made. I find the HERE Map Creator app makes such edits near impossible and have been using the website in preference. There are simply too many places sitting on top of each other to be able to select and separate them.

    There is also problems with minor business owners adding their poddle grooming service or underwater basket weaving enterprise. This devalues the map supplied.

    Claire Robinson – HERE UK and Ireland

    Hi all,
    Thanks for your post on this.
    You have indeed come to the correct conclusion that these places are derived and supplied from other sources. We are aware of the issues, and appreciate your comments and desire to clean the map of these. Currently, they are (unfortunately for our Map Creators) mainly displayed on Map Creator, and not in our core database and i.e. in navigation devices or vehicle systems etc. We have been testing ways of integrating the legitimate data out of these sources and this is still ongoing.
    We appreciate your patience with this, thanks.

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