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  • Andrew Gransden

    There is something seriously going wrong with your databases and the changes made by contributors using Map Creator.

    Today (12 Sep) a number of changes I submitted were accepted but have disappeared. A few of these that I have checked are -28069509 (Trail Portgordon), -32316309 (Road Portgordon – Farm Track) and -32104071 (Trail, Speyside Way). There are many more but I have given up checking. Can we please get this problem sorted?

    There is no point contributors spending time adding corrections and additional roads, if they go missing or are corrupted by the system or the experts.

    Gordon HERE Map Master (Ambassador)

    Totally agree, I have just looked at 10 random edits of mine and some roads are completely missing despite being accepted and others are duplicated upto 3 times, so three roads overlapping each other.
    I dont believe its a system thing where two people accept thing at same time, it is as if its a malicious staff member thats doing this as its happening all over the place yet seems to be uk only.
    I spent ages doing the Union Canal and Forth & Clyde Canal Cycle Routes and they been altered by someone and many parts missing and different shapes from what I did so now some paths in middle of canal and not on path I drew

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