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  • Claire Robinson – HERE UK and Ireland


    Congratulations to our new Map Masters selected for each region below:


    Scotland – Andrew Gransden
    North of England – Gordon Menzies
    The Midlands – Andy Winter
    South of England – David Worrall
    Wales – Terence Bates
    Ireland – Desmond O’Neill


    We hope you’ll welcome our new Map Masters and we’ll be sharing more details on their role and how you can interact with them soon!

    Sarah Rodger

    Hi there – I really hope someone can help.

    For years now – since I have been using Facebook which must be the late 00s, many parts of North East Northamptonshire are shown as ben in Nottinghamshire – please can you let me know how I can correct this or have it corrected.

    Nassington and Warmington are 2 such places – they are both little villages, but house dozens and dozens of small businesses all of whom seem equally frustrated by this.

    Any help or pointers appreciated!

    John Holden

    My experience with the Here mapping forum (and Here mapping) so far is that there is no one home. Here maps will be about as much use as the Doomsday Book at this rate. No wonder Volvo are moving to Google.

    Terry Bates

    It is a pandemic. I find I get things resolved and the team is responsive.

    All of the digital mapping systems have their strong and weak spots for crowd sourcing. TomTom you can’t see the underlying sat image and give info on what needs to be added or changed, Google poor and out of date images and hence missing roads, Here Maps the most up to date images. Aspects you can’t change which is the one above by Sarah, that’s for the Here Maps team.

    Claire 4HERE

    Thanks Terry. John I believe you are now liaising with my colleague Ben. We try to offer a unique local contact outreach for our community, as you can imagine we deal with 1000’s of users. Apologies for your disappointment and we hope we can still continue to have you in our community. Thanks

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