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  • Edward Elson-Jones

    There is a problem with the directions given to gps regarding my address. My post code is TF1 5JL but sat navs send followers to TF15JR. Problem is that the addresses are similar and consequently post etc is delivered to the latter at my expence.
    The addresses concerned are
    mine… 45 Haybridge ROAD
    The offending address is…45 Haybridge AVENUE

    Andrew Gransden

    Probably the best way to highlight this is to raise a map note in Map Creator for the 2 locations. I have raised a previous query as it seems that HERE do not record the last 2 letters of the post code and rely of the street name and number. I was told it is a database size issue that prevents the more accurate post code being used.

    Ben (HERE Moderator)

    Hi Edward,
    The postcode issue you raised has now been corrected and will be included in the next release of HERE data.


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