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  • Peter Wells

    A while ago users had the facility to request that the “update moderator team” took a second look at changes they had declined or refused. Users could upload a file (say a .jpg) to support their case. What are we to do now that this “appeal” process is no longer available to us?
    My case in point is that the branch of Barclays Bank in Castle Cary, Somerset, GB closed several years ago, but there is still an ATM on the outside of the same building. Someone (me?) updated Map Creator at the time. BUT, every so often someone in HERE reinstates the “Bank” flag despite the fact that there is no longer a bank. Needless to say, I remove the “bank” flag each time I find it and just this week someone has reinstated it again. How can I get a message to whoever it is that local knowledge is more accurate than a perceived “reality” in a database?
    It’s not just the UK, it also happens in Italy (and probably elsewhere!)

    Virtual Hunterston

    that option was removed, not sure why probably because it was abused
    if you have a query send email to

    Peter Wells

    I successfully used that option several times. Maybe my response. when the moderators said “the database reflects reality” was a bit unkind – I would then say that “reality is that ….” but that could not count as abuse.
    Anyhow, “mapcreatoruk” forwarded a similar problem to Team Italy last year and they still haven’t made the correction or responded.
    Maybe the Gurus at Mapcreator can explain why it was removed?

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