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    Dear Alicja, I have raised this issue earlier, but this is a different road. I have made an adjustment to the Marconisingel in Berkel/Netherlands. The correct situation is as in image “Here maps 1”. I see that the adaptation is approved, but also see that the map looks very strange afterwards (image “Here maps 2”): for example, I miss a part of the road and the road is stuck in a crazy place on the other road . Why is this happening? I will adjust it again, but I think it will be a waste of my time and energy if this continues.

    Gordon HERE Map Master (Ambassador)

    that is a phantom road, it will soon disappear after database refreshes, sometimes can take a week for it to refresh and vanish.

    F power

    ok, but note that the bottom image (Here maps 1) is the actual situation! Marconisingel therefore consists of 2 separate lanes, 1 for each direction

    Gordon HERE Map Master (Ambassador)

    should be deleted now

    Martijn W

    Dit gebeurt wel vaker helaas.

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