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  • Andrew Hudson

    This Road (Chapel Street) is too narrow and restricted for larger vehicles Panel/Box/Luton Vans, 4×4 and large cars. In particular the junction with Middle Street is narrow and impossible for many drivers to drive around without damage to their vehicles and our House. Can you please remove Chapel Street from navigation route planning especially for Vans andHGV's. It seems many drivers when stuck simply blame their Sat Nav.

    Virtual Hunterston

    MapCreator has very specific rules in what can and cannot be added. Unless there is specific legal signs stating weight limit, width of road or height of bridge then no restriction can be added even if you think it should be.
    The data in MapCreator will be correct based on real signage. GPS devices are for guidance only not to be followed as accurate, it is upto road users to see what road looks like with their own eyes so if they do hit a building that is their fault not the gps device..
    Based on the non signed narrow road the road can be listed through local knowledge as as residential but trucks and buses unticked and local traffic only but rest should be left as it is.

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