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Benjamin Leese

Hi Andrew,
The guidance you are looking for is available from a pop up help hint. Select a road to edit then hover the question mark for expanded information. An example can be seen in the image

The HERE database is built up on a hierarchy of roads to help and define routing ranging from FC1 (typically a motorway and majors A Road), FC2 (A roads), FC3 (B Roads) ,FC4 (connecting roads) and FC5 residential roads. These are only loose definitions and some types of road may change function class if they are bypassed for example.
Road type labels are a handy guide to community members that can be applied worldwide. Clearly a community user in Germany wouldn’t understand terms such as A road or B road. If a function class change is proposed by a community member, the indicated road type can help implement this.

In your query the B9016 should have been Local access FC4 so I’m unsure why it was residential- perhaps another recent community user had edited it. I’ve checked all your edits along the B9016 and made sure they are local access road. It remained an FC4 in our published data.

Thanks for your inputs.