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Gordon HERE Map Master (Ambassador)

one example is the cycle route along the union canal. as you can see the trail stops and if you scroll along the canal to the right it appears again then dissapears again
I drew the whole trail along the whole of union canal from falkirk to edinburgh but many sections have vanished,-3.728583201522838,18,0,0,-3.682738885040294,18,0,0

The HArTT Cycle route along the forth and clyde canal vanishes too, whole section missing if you scroll to the right of it,-3.8032666293335353,18,0,0

Large section (many miles) of the forth and clyde canal NCN 754 trail vanished if you scroll to the left,-4.0853599158478175,18,0,0

Parts of the cycle trail vanished here and some changed to pedestrian paths and not trails,-4.692864839858942,17,0,0

Phantom extra trail appeared to irvine & kilwinning new town trail,-4.65645117027276,17,0,0

cunninghame cycle trail/ncn73 name vanished from trail,-4.552048866577081,17,0,0

The trail (ayrshire coastal path) between A78 and Sandy road keeps vanishing or splits and not connected
and the small track/trail from the roundabout along south of the river to the weir just before a78 vanishes,-4.690322105712909,18,0,0

trail changed to pedestrian path when it should be a trail,-4.777898756389561,19,0,0

cemeterys changed to pedestrain path when it used to be trail,-4.74367645156849,18,0,0,-4.652416972045785,18,0,0

this roundabout is named sandyford toll yet the word roundabout keeps getting added which is wrong,-4.566060570602303,18,0,0

The unique road that crosses bridge from loanhead road to hunter avenue has a special name, it is named “Road with no name”, yes sounds strange but its a quirk that happened in the early 1900s when bridge was built and the form sent to council in the space for road name someone wrote “road with no name” and it was named this and its never been fixed oficcially as its such a small road (15 meters) it is a quirk of interest and a touristy thing now and everyone knows it as that, be that police, fire, locals etc..(even when road is used as diversion the local radio mentions it as that too.. this name keeps getting removed and changed to hunter avenue which is totally incorrect.,-4.80443076980589,18,0,0