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Andrew Gransden

I agree that the Places listed on HERE are a total mess. It would appear that many are created by AI (artificial intelligence) that show little intelligence in scanning the source data (presumably the internet and listing sites) or placing them in the correct location. In my small local town (pop 5000) I have deleted many multiple duplicates and in the totally wrong locations. Many are placed miles away from the actual location and are difficult to identify due to the high zoom level need to view them.

I believe these AI-generated places should be stripped out and a fresh start made. I find the HERE Map Creator app makes such edits near impossible and have been using the website in preference. There are simply too many places sitting on top of each other to be able to select and separate them.

There is also problems with minor business owners adding their poddle grooming service or underwater basket weaving enterprise. This devalues the map supplied.